9 Underwater Heavens for Scuba Diving in India

scuba diving in india

9 Underwater Heavens for Scuba Diving in India

With water neighboring the mainland on the three sides, India, the second biggest peninsula of the world is blessed with vast richness in underwater diversity. India can thus prove to be an absolutely ideal destination for someone who’s curious to discover the wealthy underwater world of the sea and love’s scuba diving. This world, concealed from the one we are recognizable with, is full of lively colors, textures as well as loads of enthusiasm well as adventures.

Excellent destination for scuba diving in India

1) The Jetty, Goa

scuba diving in india

A superior place to have your initial diving encounter. The Jetty is located at the north-western angle of the Grand Island in Goa. Tremendously shallow with the utmost depth being 8 meters as well as 5-6 meters on an average, one can find close-up views of the beautiful lionfish along with schooling baby mullets here.

Dive sites:
  • Uma Guva Reef
  • Shelter Cove
  • Locker of Davy Jones
  • The Jetty
  • Cost: 5,000 – 8,000 (approx)

2) The Havelock Island, Andaman


This beguiling island is a well-known tourist hotspot. With white beaches as well as good-looking flora aiding the natural corals here, this is really synonymous with paradise. Tourists do not want to miss Scuba diving here. The wealth of the deep-set ships here offers a wonderful experience of scuba diving in India.

Dive sites:
  • The Wall ( Havelock Island)
  • Cinque Island ( Port Blair)
  • Fish Rock (Passage island)
  •  Cost: 5,000 – 10,000 (approx)

3) The Locker of Davy Jones, Goa

scuba diving in india

It is basically a site for the seasoned divers the waves are fairly brawled here. It is a dreadfully broken up metal wreck as well as it is restricted in the 14 meters of the water body. Different types of the sea creatures are observed on dives here, with the jacks, tuna, as well as mullets, being the most detectable.

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4) The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Andaman

scuba diving in andoman

The first of its type in India, this marine park is the main attraction in the Andaman. Amongst its numerous attractions, scuba diving is one of the most important ones. People from all over the world come here to experience the underwater life here. State of the art as well as enormously enthralling, it is questionably one of the finest places for doing Scuba diving in India.

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5) The Wreck of Suzy’s, in the Goa

scuba diving in goa

30 meters extended World War II metal ruin in the shallow waters starting at the 3 meters as well as the lowest being 12 meters, this is a wonderful spot for the scuba diving. Save the excitement, one can trace an extremely diverse fish pool as well as sea life.

6) The Island of the Netrani, in the Karnataka

scuba diving in goa

Situated 10 km across the alien Karnataka coast of the Murudeshwara; this is surely a gem in the Arabian Sea. Home to a vast population of the pigeons, this is a place lively with activity in December as well as January with the divers from all over the planet sliding here for that one paranormal dive in the middle of its corals.

Dive sites:
  • Netrani Island
  • Cost: 5,500 – 7,000 (approx)

7) The Agatti’s well as Bangaram Islands, in the Lakshadweep

scuba diving in lakshwadeep

These are the merely two islands open to the public here as well as they keep the strength of Lakshadweep alive. With the natural coral reefs, the blue lagoons as well as fragile marine life, a dive here is actually an exciting practice. The fine turquoise blue water along with the white coral sands only attach to the loveliness of your experience there.

Dive sites:
  • Agatti Islands
  • Bangarram Islands
  • Cost: 4,000 – 7,000 (approx)

8) The Cove of Shelter, Goa

scuba diving in india

With an extremely low depth- approximately 8 meters- it is the highest diving spot for amateurs as well as veterans alike. With an overabundance of the tiny fishes, the solid corals, lobsters as well as everything that creates sea life gorgeous, one attach with a newer self after a dive here.

9) The Pondicherry

scuba diving in india

A future diving location, Pondicherry hosts sites like the 4Corners, the  Temple Reef (named after its exclusive shape), the Cool Shark Reef, as well as Aravind’s Wall. Being a principal site for spotting the dolphins as well as the rolling bottom has speedily acquired the attention among passionate tourists. Pondicherry has a lot of things to proffer than other places in India, as the majority of its waters have yet to be exposed to its secrets.

Dive sites:
  • Cool Shark Reef
  • Temple Reef
  • The Hole
  • 4 Corners
  • Cost: 6,500 – 8,000 (approx)

Your turn to Experience the adventure of Diving in India

If you thought that the sky was the limit, it may just be the correct time to think otherwise. The bounties of the beauty, as well as the thrill that underwater life offers, is unparalleled as well as it may just take one dive on your part to appreciate this fact about diving in India.

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