10 Travel Bloggers share why they Love Travelling in India

Travelling in india

10 Travel Bloggers share why they Love Travelling in India

India is a fascinating, life-changing travel destination. There are numerous travel bloggers from different parts of the world travelling in India. It is a very interesting idea to get the opinion of these travel bloggers who had been to India and are absolutely spellbound by it.

The views of travel bloggers about to India are both informative and give us an idea of how they feel in India. So, It is the time to know what are the things which inspire travel bloggers to pick out pen to describe the richness of India 🙂

We have put together the following responses from travel bloggers in order as in we got the reply from them.

Why travel bloggers Love to Travelling in India? Things which fascinate them about India?

1 ) Mariellen Ward from Breathe dream Go

travelling in india

A travel Blogger Mariellen Ward says, Traveling in India re-ignited my enthusiasm for life, inspired me to become the writer I always wanted to be, gave me a passion and a purpose — to share the beauty of India’s culture and wisdom — and even gave me a new family and a new home. It was the best thing I have ever done. Moreover, the reasons to love India are the Indian food, warm-hearted people, diverse culture and much more.

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2) Sabrina from Just one way Ticket

travel bloggers travelling to india

India is like time travel, it’s incomparable to any other place in the world. You’ll see things there you would have never imagined. A crazy chaos that will drive you nuts but at the same time teach you a lesson about yourself.

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3) Kristin Luna from Camels & Chocolate

travel to india

I found the people of India so warm, welcoming and curious. They were as inquisitive as to why I was visiting their country as I was about knowing everything about the culture. India is so rich in history and heritage—not to mention, a very sprawling nation—that I really only got to scratch the surface by visiting Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra. I look forward to diving into the culture even more on future visits (not to mention, eating much more delicious food 🙂

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4) Will Hatton from The Broke Backpacker

travel bloggers travelling in india


India is a truly incredible country, a subcontinent packed to bursting with exotic festivals, pristine beaches, ancient temples and crumbling forts. For backpackers on a budget, India is one of the best choices for an immersive rollercoaster ride of an adventure…

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5) Karisa Klee from Flirting with the Globe

travelling in india

“I loved traveling to India and being immersed in such a unique, rich culture.  There’s no place on earth like it.”

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6) Cez and Agness from eTramping

travel bloggers

We both enjoyed the food the most. That’s for sure. Butter chicken, naan bread, curry – really really tasty!

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7) Flora Baker from Flora the Explorer

travel to india

I would say my favourite thing about India was how colourful everything felt – and by that I mean every part of life in India is saturated. The food tastes rich and strong, the people are vibrant, the scenery is a feast for the eyes and anywhere you stand there’s a soundscape of vehicles, animals, music, and conversation. I’ve never been to a country where my senses are always on alert like they were in India!

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8) Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living

travel bloggers love to travel india

Jonny Blair says “I loved the Indian food the most, especially Paneer!”

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9) Travis from Extra Pack of Peanuts

travelling in india

For me, the thing I liked most about India is how unique it is. I had heard the quote “there are two types of travelers- those who have been to India and those who haven’t”. Before I went, I thought it was a stupid comment. After I went, I completely understood what it meant. India – the people, the food, the culture, the smells, the sights – is unlike anywhere else, for better or worse.

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10) Janice & Tracey from Solo traveler Blog

travelling in india

Janice says she loved the colours of India. From the blue houses of Bundi to the transport trucks on the roads to the women’s clothing, the colours were rich and everywhere.

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A Big Thank You to All Travel bloggers who Responded and also the one’s who couldn’t Respond 🙂

We, at Maavalan Travels loved interacting with all of you, thank you so much for taking out the time and reverting to us.

Do you like this post? Anything else which inspire you to travelling in India? Must mention in the comment section below as we love to hear from you 🙂


  1. on May 18, 2016 at 11:58 pm
    Agness said:

    Great to be here! 🙂 We both miss India a lot these days!! 🙂

    • on May 24, 2016 at 11:17 am
      admin said:

      You are always welcome to India 🙂

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    Pearl Aasuriya said:

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