10 Must See Best Tourist Places in India Once in Your Lifetime

Best tourist places in india

10 Must See Best Tourist Places in India Once in Your Lifetime

India is one of the most delightfully different nations on the planet. It serves you everything without exception, from deserts to mountains, from the Ganges to the Brahmaputra and so on. This brilliant quality is the thing that draws in tourists from around the globe. There are different unexplored vacation spots and honeymoon destinations in India which are justified regardless of a visit. Going to these spots will be the most stunning and lifetime memory for anybody. These must see spots of India are spread at the distinctive parts of the nation and takes a sound measure of time to discover.

Some of the Best Destinations in India

There are different unexplored sights and normal attractions present at various alcove and corner of India. Going to these spots ought to be the most astounding knowledge and the lifetime memory for one. These must see the spot of India are spread at the diverse parts of the nation and takes a solid measure of time to visit.

Here is the rundown of few must-see places in India before you kick the bucket. There are plenty of romantic destinations in India where couples can easily spend their precious time.

There are various honeymoon places in India. Here, you can find all Honeymoon Destinations in India which are very famous and suitable for couples. Below find the best destinations in India which are best and famous places that you can spend your time and take your kids along with you so that they can also enjoy at the same time.

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1) Frozen Lakes of Himalayas

best tourist places in india

frozen lakes of Himalayas

There are various romantic places in India which is best for the couple but Frozen Lakes of Himalayas is one of the special romantic places for couples. The Great Himalaya Mountain contains many delightful Lakes alongside its long ranges from Greater Himalaya to Arunachal Himalayas are perfect romantic destinations for newly married couples.

The Himalayan landscape of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim have a portion of the best-solidified pool of India. There is also the frozen lake at Tawang, Gurudongmar Lake of Sikkim and world well known Dal Lake in Srinagar. These solidified water bodies are one of the best-seeing sites of the Himalayas.

2) Tea garden hill of Munnar

best tourist places in India

tea garden hill of Munnar

Munnar is a town that is situated in the south-western region of Kerala. It’s for all the tourists and known as best destinations in India. The area is secured completely with Tea estates, some as high as 7000 feet above ocean level.It is a very beautiful place and is a must place to visit.

3) Natural Beauty of Western Ghats

best tourist places in India

Natural Beauty of Western Ghats

The Western Ghats is otherwise called Sahyadri mountain run that goes through the whole west shore of India, from the fringe of Gujarat till the Kanyakumari. The Western Ghats is one of the most splendid biodiversity spot and home to a vast variety of vegetation alongside numerous unfamiliar species. Western Ghats is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and known for its common excellence with most elevated peaks, several man-made lakes and supplies, waterfalls and green view till the end. This is surely one of the best destinations in India.

4) Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans

best tourist places in India

Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans

The mangrove woodland of Sundarbansis one of the biggest tidal halophytic mangroves in the world, situated at the Sundarbans delta in West Bengal. The Sundarbans area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thickly secured woodland and home to a substantial number of Royal Bengal Tigers. Sundarbans implies the lovely woods made by Ganges Delta on the Bay of Bengal. It looks superb when tourists visit this place. This place is really a romantic destination in India for all the couples.

5) Spiti Valley

best tourist places in India

Spiti valley

Prominently known as the ‘Little Tibet’ , the Spiti valley is situated in the middle of Tibet and India. This justifies its name ‘Spiti’, which implies the ‘Center Land’. The Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley situated in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh.

Visit this spot and be bewildered by the tremendous snow clad mountains and the enamoring vistas. Old-fashioned religious communities like Dhankar and Lalung are the significant attractions here. A few Monasteries have been built up more than a 1000 years back and consequently draw in multitudinous visitors. This is surely one of the best Honeymoon destinations in India.

6) Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

best tourist places in India

Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

With blasting of avidness, the twenties is the best time to enjoy experience sports. Ride the otherworldly waters of the Ganges with rafting in Rishikesh, which is the most popular spot for this adrenaline pumping sport. For, you get the chance to go on foaming water coming through rough territories and green extends.

To encounter the scene of this baffling spot you can likewise go outdoors and attempt other enterprise sports.This is surely the best romantic destination in India.

7) Manali-Leh Road Trip

best tourist places in India

Manali-Leh Road Trip

Be it for the gatherings or solo voyagers, this course eclipses whatever other hiking trips in India. All get prepared for some fun, hit the street and achieve no place! Passing mountains and towns, passing individuals who are continuing on ahead in a more straightforward manner. This is life and it will just look more than the superb romantic destination in the India when you will go with your companion.

8) Wildlife in Kanha National Park

best tourist places in India

Wildlife in Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is situated in the heartland of India called Madhya Pradesh. The Tiger Reserve is one of the biggest National Park and home to the huge populace of Royal Bengal Tigers and Indian panthers alongside Indian wild canines. Kanha National Park is extremely rich in untamed life and generally secured with thick bamboo and Sal woods. You can visit this place in India . No doubt it is one of the best destinations in India.

Experience Thrilling Tour to Ranthambore National Park

9) Backwaters of Kerala

best tourist places in India

Backwaters of Kerala

The God’s own nation offers the best experience, wandering on the harsh tidal ponds and lakes alongside the Arabian Sea coast. The Kerala backwaters are made by five substantial lakes, canals, streams and cover half of the state with water.

Kerala backwaters serve as National Waterway for backwater travels to the connection number of towns, urban areas and encouraging load development and backwater tourism. The lakes are one of the significant attractions of Kerala and home to interesting types of amphibian creatures and winged animals live close by the backwaters tidal ponds.


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10) Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

best tourist places in India

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Situated close to Cherrapunji, it is one of the wettest spots on earth where Nohkalikai Falls is one of the tallest dive waterfalls in India. It is the place which gains the highest rainfall in the world but it has some amazing lakes and waterfalls which one must see. This is surely a good place to visit.

Which place would you love to visit in India?

A beautiful list of 10 best tourist places in India that you need to visit with your best friends and experience once in a lifetime. Conquer the fears of water. Ride on the Leh-Ladakh Highway and camp under the stars in Ladakh. Explore the Western Ghats and much more.

Do let us know in the comments below your favourite tourist destinations in India?


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