12 Travel Experts share the Best Travel Apps they cannot live without!

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12 Travel Experts share the Best Travel Apps they cannot live without!

Everyone believes that with the advancement in technology, we are now leading a more comfortable life. Mobile Apps offers lots of options on any thing like travel apps or any other gadget to add more value to your journey. At times, it becomes very difficult to decide which is the best travel app?

To address the same concern we did a survey asking simple question to the travel experts – “Which 2 travel apps could you not live without?”

We got response from the travel enthusiasts about travel apps they use frequently. We have put together the following responses from Travel Experts in order as in we got the reply from them.

Let’s share the opinions of Travel Experts about the Best Travel Apps

 1) Jacob & Esther – Local Adventurer

travel experts

In all honesty, we probably use Google and Google Maps the most. But for the sake of mixing it up, I would say Google Maps and Spotify. Something about music can really change the mood of a trip!

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 2) Robert Schrader – Leave Your Daily Hell

travel geek

It might sound surprising, but my most-used travel apps aren’t the hippest and the coolest—they’re the most practical and life-saving! First and foremost, I’d die without Google Maps. I have a great sense of direction, but sometimes you need that little blue dot to orient you.

Secondly, I hate paper boarding passes, so I use Apple Wallet for mobile ones whenever possible.

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3) Johnny Jet – Johnny Jet

Travel blogger

TravelSmart app from Allianz Global Assistance as it lists emergency numbers such as those of the police, fire department and ambulance by destination (911 is not universal). I also love that it has a drug dictionary with international translations in multiple languages. Did you know the international name for Tylenol is Paracetamolum? It also comes with first aid terms translated into multiple languages.

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4) Kach & Jonathan Howe – Two Monkeys Travel Group

travel experts

(i) The compass – I always like to know which way I’m facing! Maps are great, until you can’t figure out which way is north, at which point you’re still just as lost. Having access to a compass also means you always know which way to look for the sunset!

(ii) Snapchat – I’m a very late addition to the Snapchat party, but for the past month, we’ve been telling our travel story on our monkeystravel profile. I love the fact that it provides a brief, yet direct and intimate window into what people are doing at that exact moment in their lives, then it disappears shortly after.

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5) Erin & Josh – Travel with Bender

travel bloggers

(i) Money Journal – I use this app on a daily basis. It keeps track of all of our expenses as we travel. We use to do this for budgeting reasons and now I just love it for so much more. I love checking where we spend most of our money and it has a great option to make a pie chart so it’s easy to view. I use it regularly to write articles about how much things were or a roundup budget of a country. My favourite part is at the end of the month seeing just how much money we save by travelling the world.

(ii) XE Currency – As nomadic travellers we use this app quite a number of times. Keeping track of currencies can be a nightmare, but this app stores the conversion offline so that when you are out and about you plug in the amount and you can still get the valid conversion. Just remember to upload the currency before you go!

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6) Melvin – Travel Dudes

travel dude

(i) Google Maps – I love to get lost in a destination & to explore it. But I also don’t mind to find back again. Google Maps helps you to find your way from A to B, but also to explore the area around.

(ii) Camera – Isn’t the camera app the most important one, which you might not even consider as an app? You probably also use it most on your trips and even at home, next to chatting.

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7) Yoske & Vins – The Poor Traveler

travel bloggers

I would love to say Google Maps and Instagram, but I’m pretty sure others have mentioned them already. So how about these?

(i) GlobeConvert app– I never get used to and am always confused by the changing standard system of measurement in many countries (meter to foot, celsius to fahrenheit, etc.). It also converts currencies, which is very useful when traveling.

(ii) Second is Uber– Taxi scams are probably the most common in most major cities, especially when it comes to airport to hotel transfers. Uber eliminates that worry or fear of getting conned.

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8) Adam Groffman – Travels of Adam


(i) Google Maps – I favorite locations using the site on my desktop, then when I’m out and about traveling I’ll see all my starred locations on the map so that I can find where I want to check out.

(ii) Foursquare/Swarm – I like to check-in to the places I visit so that I have a record of all the cool places I’ve been when traveling.

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9) Sharon Gourlay – Where’s Sharon?

travel blogger

(i) TripCase –This is a handy and free app that stores all my travel bookings. You are also able to share your bookings with others, so I set it up so my husband can see everything too which makes it very useful.

(ii) Agoda – It’s my hotel booking site of choice and I find the app much more useful to use than the website as there is better filtering and the map view is more useful.

I hope this is what you were after 🙂

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10) Aileen Adalid – I Am Aileen

travel blogger

If there are 2 apps that I could not live without, first would be PackPoint. I tend to be extremely forgetful so I find the features of PackPoint extremely helpful since it functions like a check-list — it helps me remember all of the things that I should pack for my trip and it could even provide a suggested list based on my length of travel, weather in my destination and activities during my trip.

Second app that I can’t part with is Trail Wallet! This nifty piece of technology helps me track my travel expenses easily in an organized manner. Try it out for yourself and you will definitely see how its interactive and comprehensive charts can aid you to remain within your budget.

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 11) JB & Renée – Will Fly For Food

travel bloggers

That’s easy as we only really use just 2:

(i) Tripomatic

(ii) XE Currency

Hope that helps.  🙂

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12) Dan – Points With A Crew

travel blogger

(i) Rome2rio – I covered Rome2Rio  – it’s basically Google Maps Transit on steroids.  It’s especially helpful in cities that you’re not used to – giving you different train, bus and other public transportation options, along with their approximate cost and where you can buy tickets.

(ii) Award wallet– Many of the miles and points tools are great, but definitely the one that I use the most is Award Wallet.  It lets you put in your user information for every single airline, hotel, car rental and other mileage program, and automatically tracks it.

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A Big Thank You to All Travel Experts who Responded and also the one’s who couldn’t Respond 🙂

We, at Maavalan Travels loved interacting with all of you, thank you so much for taking out the time and reverting to us.


  1. on April 9, 2016 at 8:22 am
    Erin said:

    Thanks for including us!

    • on April 13, 2016 at 11:26 am
      admin said:

      Most welcome, it’s our pleasure to have you 🙂

    • on April 13, 2016 at 11:32 am
      admin said:

      Thanks for sharing the travel app idea with us 🙂

  2. on April 17, 2016 at 8:51 am
    Francine Williams said:

    An app we find worth every penny is called Simply Declare, for tracking our goodies we have to declare the border upon returning back to the states. Snap a picture and with real time currency exchanges we know exactly how much we have spent. No more scrambling.

    • on April 18, 2016 at 5:35 pm
      admin said:

      Although, there are many apps used in these days. But valuable are very less. Thanks for sharing as We love to listen and always welcome new ideas 🙂


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