Best Travel Apps you must Install before your next trip!

best travel apps

Best Travel Apps you must Install before your next trip!

Traveling is an integral part of modern life. Traveling has become far more adventurous and comfortable with the digital life the modern man is leading. Until and unless the traveler is not going on a detox to get away from the digital world, Best travel apps are a must and an integral part of the life for frequent travelers.

Be it getting a taxi services or going to a spa or finding the best restaurant in place of visit, the use of  travel applications are the best guide to not only get the best deals from an economic point of view but to make the travel arrangements according to our plan. The role of middleman in the travel industry has been taken over by the travel apps.

From the business point of view, mobile travel apps are better way to get their brand of the service provider into the minds of the customers by being embedded in the phone as an app.

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We enlist the Best travel apps by categorizing them separately to make easy to choose the category of apps that they need to use

1) Travel and Booking Management

  • Ticket management and booking apps

Make my trip, SkyScanner, Flight Track, TripIt,  Seat Guru were some of the most common apps used by frequent travelers to book or cancel their travel tickets or change their schedules.

  • Managing trips and accommodation apps

Tripit, Todoist, Google now, Hotel Tonight, Airbnb, Hostelworld, Hotel Coupons, WorldMate are some of the most used apps by travel experts.

2) Entertainment and Information

  • Leisure and entertainment Mobile travel apps

Kindle, Sudoku, Hulu Plus, Tunein Radio, Apple Podcast

  • Time in various Location apps

Time Buddy and World Clock are the apps to keep updated about the time in various global locations.

  • Activity Oriented apps

Gogobot, Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Wikisherpa, and some local apps of certain places like Whatnow, Roadside America, or British Street Food.

  • Meditation apps

Headspace and Lucent apps most preferred ones other than OM Meditation app for oriental style meditators.

  • Social apps

Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp

3) Navigator

These apps are very useful if you are on an adventurous motorcycle or car travel criss crossing trip with specific plans and enjoy the adventure of the terrains and destinations on the way with online app help. Having the best travel apps to manage your route so that you do not lose out the way and enjoy the trip the way you wanted your it to pan out.

  • Navigator apps

Google Maps (top ranked by every travel expert), Apple Maps, Motion-X GPS, City Mapper, Waze, etc. etc.

  • Offline apps

Maps With Me, Navigation, City Maps 2 Go are some of the preferred apps are some offline apps.

  • Compass apps

Compass and Compass Command Center are some of the useful navigator apps while on an adventure trip like trekking to keep track of the direction you are moving.

  • Transport apps

Uber, Taxi Finder, Ola, and Taxi Finder are some of the most famous transport apps if you need to use hired transport.

4)  Money Management

These apps are essential for the globetrotter and currency conversion apps are very useful to keep track of the exchange rates which keep constantly changing.

  • Travel applications for currency conversion

Currency FX, XE Currency, Currency, Oanda Currency Convertor

  • Expense Apps

Having a detailed app to enter your expenses on travel is a very good idea. Some of the expense apps are Expensify, TrailWallet, Cash Journal, Share-a-bill, etc. etc.

5) Connectivity and communication

Once again some of the social apps overlap in this category to some extent and this category found to reveal the names of Whatsapp, Viber , Skype, Magic Jack, and GV Phone as the most frequently used.

  • Connectivity apps

SpeedTest, WiFinder, Gogo Wireless as the widely used apps.

  • Image Editing and Photography apps

Instagram (ranked mostly as #1 by experts), Snapsee, Lighttrack, Camera+, Pro HDR, etc. were the most widely used apps.

  • Language apps

While traveling language and dialects change and there are some very interesting apps in this category which was a surprise during the survey that it was used so much widely by travel experts.

  • Language translation and learning apps

Word Lens, DuoLingo, Tourist Language, Google Translate, Word Reference.

6) Dining

Apps to find out best places to dine and wine were also found to be useful reducing the dependence on overcoming language barriers while traveling to find out best places to dine.

  • Best Travel Apps in the dining category

Foodspotting, Open Table, Urban spoon, Vivino (for wines), Globe Tipping ( to know tipping norms in the place of travel)

7) Database Management and Productivity

As travel creates so many moments, stories and to save these memories for lifetime store in the form of data and also to know the productivity of the trip.

  • Best Travel Apps to store data

Dropbox, Google Drive topped this category. While for note, writing  apps like Groovebook, Colournote, JotnotPro, etc. are the surprise names to the surveyors.

  • Password management apps

 Lastpass which was again a surprise but this is how expertise is gained by a traveler. To keep abreast of transmitting news around the world there is a host of apps and the most famous ones are Hootsuite and Byline. Also to manage E-signature apps like DocuSign, SignEasy were listed.

Final Words on Best Travel Apps

mobile travel apps

Best travel apps which will help you Enjoy your Travel and Worry Less


The above information gathered from various travel experts educates the reader as to the vast world of travel apps that are travel related and this note can be used as a one-stop place to remember what app is required to suit your travel needs. Happy traveling 🙂

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