Team Maavalan

The Maavalan Team is often also referred to as the Private, Custom Tour to India Operators team. Our amazing Team consists of several elements… the good, the young and the experienced! All of them however share some common passions: Travel, Food and Keenness to learn! And being in Travel for 20+ years, we are experts about bespoke travel to India or how to make Private, Custom tour to India for International travelers. The meticulous way in which we organise custom private tours in India is commendable.

Custom Tour to India Operators team


Fondly known as KJ; the big man believes in testing, trying, understanding and once he is satisfied does he think of proposing his product. Once one of our clients wrote, “The way Kj orchestrates a tour is nothing short of a brilliant music composer”.

He has twenty years of experience into operations, knows the hotel marketing teams inside out, has personal connections with some ATC towers for arranging private jet landings and take-offs. He is a simple man but truly understands the real meaning of subtle luxury!

He is also the man to contact if you want an elephant to come to your doorstep and take you on a wild adventure!


Biker at heart, Photographer by passion and Travel Designer by profession, this man has more interests than one can find in a person in a lifetime… from New Realist Italian cinema to Japanese Martial Arts, from French Cuisine to Railway Locomotives, his interests are more varied and diverse than the colours in a rainbow.

And in between, he travels… a lot, from state to state, city to city, on motorycle, on foot, on horseback, on boats, discovering new sites, inspecting new hotels, finding new destinations and communicating with the locals to find places that one rarely goes to, underwater marine life to frozen blue lakes at dizzy heights of 4500 metres above sea level!

If you are travelling to India, this is the man to get in touch with, especially if you are looking at tailor made trips to India.

If you want to get in touch with him directly and looking for a custom private tour in India, his Skype ID is Krishnendu.kes

Private Tour to India Operators team
Custom Tour to India Operators team


Core hospitality background, Business degree from one of the prime institutes in Europe, hardcore market analyst, this man represents the future. Single handedly he brings out more innovative development ideas than an entire team of professionals!

He is also an excellent cook, refined oenologist, widely travelled from Argentina to India and in his spare time he whizzes around a racetrack in competitive go-karting at speeds in excess of 250kmph! He is also an excellent in-house barman with his own signature cocktails…

Being French, he understands class and luxury. Which is why we count him for an India luxury tour.


Another core member who is indispensable to the company and is a real asset. He is a genius in Operations, great negotiator with hotels, gets rooms from hotels when they are sold out. And if required, he can make his flight take off by stopping another one and has amazing solutions at hand.

With his amazing negotiating skills and far-reaching network, he can work magic with his quick thinking mind and cheerful nature.

Private Tour to India Operators team
Custom Tour to India Operators team


Itinerary consultant, the think tank of offbeat destinations, he is our brains trust of perfectly crafted itineraries for all of India; he is popularly known as the Indian Itinerary Guru! Quite knowledgeable to say the least in the popular and ancient art forms, notably in fort architecture of the North, temple architecture of the middle-ages, he takes intense interest in discovery and the protection of the culture of a people.

This man has lived on the road of discovery out of a suitcase in all of India for more than a decade and it is difficult to find another person of his stature. A man of uncomplicated beliefs, he remains our finest guiding light in the road to Spiritual discovery albeit with a few refined weaknesses like good cheese and fine champagne!


That is our lady with the numbers! She knows the number of rooms, rates of the rooms, tariffs of the seasons, transport costs, monument entries, rickshaw rides, horse rides, camel rides, boat cruises, special discounts, negotiated deals, you name it and she has them on her fingertips!

She is your walking talking Excel sheet and she can turn those numbers around to find you not only the quickest and best deal that suits your budget and the quality that you are looking for, but she would also somehow find a way to provide you a free dinner and maybe even throw in a cocktail with it!
She can create magic with numbers.

Private Tour to India Operators team