6 Best Places and Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali in India

diwali in india

6 Best Places and Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali in India


Diwali, known as the “Festival of Lights”, is one of the biggest light festivals of Hindus in India. The usual five-day festival marks the victory of good over evil and is considered to be an occasion of family togetherness and prosperity. If you are wondering what to do and how to celebrate Diwali this year then take this advice and check out these celebration ideas for a happy Diwali this year:

1) Gamble in Goa:

diwali in india

Gamble in goa

In Goa, Diwali is mainly celebrated due to the destruction of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Various competitions are held in villages and town to see who can make the scariest and biggest effigies of the demon. Some are fearsome while others are large. These effigies are then burned at the dawn of Narakasura Chaturdashi, the day before the main day of Diwali.

Gambling, being one of the popular activities during Diwali, is quite common and you can try your luck at some of the top casinos of the country within Goa .However, make sure you book well in advance for the floating casinos, as they are very popular at this time of year.

2) Visit the city of Jaipur- Admire the Royal City and its markets

diwali in india

Visit the city of Jaipur- Admire the Royal City and its markets

Much of the beauty of Diwali comes from the glow of lamps, lights adorning the streets, shops and home. One of the best places to experience the same is the pink city of Jaipur. The city is fully illuminated and the homes, as well as market, are beautifully decorated. Each year, there is a competition for the brilliant lit up a market. The dazzling display attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors all over India.

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3) Amritsar: A Sacred and Golden Diwali

diwali in india

Amritsar: A Sacred and Golden Diwali

You might be surprised to know that while Amritsar, a city housing the Golden temple, predominated by Sikhs, celebrated Diwali in a grand way. The occasion is known to mark the return of their sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib from prison on that day. It is believed that he was held unjustly due to his beliefs and other political prisoners whom he helped to be free.

What’s more, the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid on Diwali, in 1577. You can expect some mesmerizing fireworks display at Golden Temple.

4) Celebrate with an Indian Hindu Family

diwali in india

Celebrate with an Indian Hindu Family

If you are a foreign student studying and staying in India and want to know the true taste of Diwali then “get invited to an Indian family”. While there is a lot of celebrations on road and in street but the true colors can be seen indoors. It will add a meaning to the celebrations. If your visit to India is scheduled around Diwali then it is recommended to find your stay in India or nearby Indian family. It will help you become a part of traditional Diwali rituals and also learn Indian culture. People usually wear ethnic clothes on Diwali and thus, it is the right time to buy a sari or kurta and dress up like others. If you wish to be a part of gift giving then you are welcome to bring sweets and chocolates.

5) Varanasi: The Ganges River

diwali in india

Varanasi: The Ganges River

Varanasi is a must have on the list to be visited during Diwali. There are constant streams of fireworks that go on all night long. For the best experience, you can stay at some of the riverside hotels to witness the magical and fabulous firework display on the river. There are events like Ganga Arti, Illumination of Ghats, Candle and Diyas being floated in the water and the procession of several Gods and Goddesses deities throughout the streets.

6) Visit the nearest Cinema for Bumper Diwali release

diwali in india

Visit the nearest Cinema for Bumper Diwali release

Not interested in traveling but want to make the day special then no worries! Diwali is an auspicious day and occasion and most of the blockbuster movies are being released on this day. Go and watch some of the bumper release of the year on the day of Diwali. You can then go and shop from a local market, gorge on delicious foods being sold and witness the decorations at malls and markets. This way, you can spend your day, without spending a lot!


As mentioned earlier, Diwali celebrations differ in different parts of the country, and of course, there are many more places that you could visit apart from these popular ones. Feel free to tell us where you’d rather celebrate Diwali this year!

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