7 Haunted Places in India that will Scare even the Bravest !

haunted places in india

7 Haunted Places in India that will Scare even the Bravest !

CAUTION: not for the faint hearted!

India is a true kaleidoscope of diverse landscape and natural wonders like lofty mountains, sparkling lakes, Turquoise Ocean, luxuriant vegetation and crystal blue lagoons and islands. India also has some fascinating monuments, palaces, and forts that have their own historic tales. Along with all these;, there are many haunted places in India. Loaded with dredged stories of sad people and their heart-breaking ends, India is loaded with creepy places for adventure lovers.

Did you know:

Almost all the cities of India, particularly the major metros has their own spine-chilling horror stories and haunted sites.

Haunted places in Delhi:

Delhi has eerie tales around Civil Lines, Delhi Cantt, Agrasen ki Baoli, Firoz Shah Kotla Fort, Sanjay van, Delhi Ridge and Khooni Darwaza.

Horror places in Mumbai:

Mumbai is known for Mukesh Mill, Tower of Silence, D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai High Court, Poonam Chambers and Grand Paradi Towers.

Horror places in Kolkatta:

Kolkata has a quite a few scary places like National Library, Race Course, Hastings House, Park Street Cemetery, RavindraSarovar, Khiderpore Dock and Ganges Ghats. Broken Bridge, Besant Avenue Road and Laned East Coast Road in Chennai are also severely haunted.

The haunted places in India are uncanny and spooky and the entire ambiance around them makes the presence of ghosts real and alive. Let’s start with the creepiest place of the country:

1) Haunted places in India – Bhangarh Fort in Alwar, Rajasthan

haunted places in india

Bhangarh Fort in Alwar

This is the most horror place in India and the frightening factor is that grave that none other than Archaeological Survey of India approves it and warns people to explore the place after dusk.

The story says that Tantrik Singhia fell infatuated with Princess Ratnavati, who did not approve his feelings and ordered his death sentence. As revenge, the Tantrik cursed the village wholly.

2) Kuldehra, in Jaisalmer

haunted places in india

Kuldehra, in Jaisalmer

Kuldehra is a deserted and demolished village and considered as a terrifying place in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is a tale of vanishing village where a minister called Salim Singh fell for a village girl. In order to protect the girl, nearby 83 villages just disappeared overnight and due to their curse, no one could inhabit Kuldehra ever.

3) Horror Story of → Tunnel No 33

haunted places in india

Tunnel No 33

On the Kalka-Shimla train way is one of the spookiest India haunted places. Captain Barog, a British engineer, was in the supervision of constructing this tunnel but was unsuccessful in doing the same. The British penalized and punished him and he committed suicide consequently. His unhappy spirit is rumored to wander in the tunnel.

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4) Bollywood’s Nightmare – Mukesh Mill in Colaba, Mumbai

haunted places in india

Mukesh Mill in Colaba, Mumbai

Got devastated in a fire calamity. On many events, especially during shootings of several famous Hindi cinemas have been interrupted because of crew sensing creepy, seeing cryptic shadows and having a bizarre and unnerving perception.

5) Royal Calcutta Turf Club

haunted places in india

Royal Calcutta Turf Club

This another scary place in India, where people see a spooky white horse galloping on a moonlit night. Long ago, George Williams stayed in Kolkata and was a wholehearted race enthusiast. He owned a white horse called Pride, who was the champ of all races. With time, Pride grew aged and feeble. On losing derby one day, she was found dead on the track.

6) House of Evils – Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

haunted places in india

Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Eeriest of all the haunted sites in Delhi, this is appealed to be a house of evils. Once filled with black water with supernatural power who enticed people to commit suicide in it by sinking, this 104 level step-well offers a spine-chilling sensation all the time.

7) De Monte, Chennai

haunted places in india

De Monte, Chennai

The story is about a whole colony built by a Portuguese entrepreneur De Monte. He was unhappy and sad with his family life. The colony is explored by Mr. De Monte frequently. Individuals have seen him strolling under the moon, unlocking the doors and relaxing on his rocking chair. The streets of the colony do not admit intruders. Even the stray and pet dogs that unintentionally entered disappeared inexplicably.

Few more India Haunted Places

Cities like Pune, Goa, Shimla, Hyderabad and Bangalore other haunted places in India with typical uncanny stories. Some of the most haunted hotels in India are Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota, Hotel Savoy in Mussoorie, Hotel Fern Hill in Ooty and Hotel Morgan House in Kalimpong. These places are famous tourist destinations, yet has a frightening and uncanny sensation in the air.

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