India Travel Guide for 1st time Travellers travelling to India


India Travel Guide for 1st time Travellers travelling to India

A tour to India can actually be a treat for your mind and body.  The country is full of colors, cultures, traditions and history. India receives a huge number of visitors in every season. The vastness of the country is no less than a thing of astonishment for International tourists. India Travel Guide and India Travel Tips are important for your to make your Trip to India a memorable one without any hassles.

There is not a single place in India which will not leave you surprised by its beauty and grandeur. If you are a first-time traveler to India, then  this piece of writing will be certainly a great help for you, it will serve as the Indian Travel guide.

India has some of the great destinations, a single lifetime might not be enough to explore this beautiful country.

India has some of the great forts and palaces. With the seventh wonder of the world, Taj Mahal in Agra, you cannot just miss the option to explore this country.

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India Travel Guide: Tips to make your Visit to India a Memorable One

India Travel Guide and Tips

Decide upon the Must Visit Places

India Travel Plan

India is full of surprises and you cannot just explore the whole of it in your single visit, thus it will be smart move to decide the places you want to visit in this beautiful country.

There are plenty of options for everyone, if you are a person who loves history then the ancient monuments are the must visit in your trip, if you want to explore the wildlife, there are national parks life Ranthambore and many others which will leave you enthralled. Deciding upon the places will help you in making the most of your trip.

It is better to know a bit of Hindi

To converse with the Indian shopkeepers, it is better to know some of the  Hindi, though the natives may laugh at you’re your accent, but learning Hindi will be worth it.  Some words like:

  • Acha- Good
  • Namaste- Hello
  • Kitne paise- How much money?
  • Madat- Help
  • Matlab-Meaning
  • Ek, Do, Teen, Chaar-1,2,3,4


Travel Guide to India

Plan your Budget at first because there will be so many things which you can buy in India at a very cheap amount. With various things to purchase, there might be a time when you will run of out of money.

Thus it is recommended to make your budget that how much you want to spend in shopping, accommodation, food and clothing. This will ensure that you will be able to spend money as per your needs and desires.

Always remember that Price is Negotiable

India Travel Guide

Indian shopkeepers always ask for a bit higher amounts for their products. It is better to haggle before you agree to some particular amount.

It is also recommended to bargain for the price before taking any service, for example, if you hire an auto rickshaw, then ask about the price before hiring it, otherwise you may end up paying more than what is required.

So, this is your Indian Travel Guide, you can enjoy the vastness of this beautiful country by keeping these points in mind. Happy Journey 😀

We at are always keeping the interest of our Clients as the top priority, therefore, we guide our Clients Travelling to India about do’s and don’t that must be followed in order to make their trip to India a memorable one.

That’s what we want, you should go back, with the desire to come back again 🙂

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