Ladakh Trekking – 9 Most Difficult Treks you must Dare to GO

Ladakh Trekking

Ladakh Trekking – 9 Most Difficult Treks you must Dare to GO

Ladakh is a part of the India, located in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a lovely place nestled between the breathtaking terrain of the Karakoram and the mighty Himalaya mountain range. Ladakh Trekking is a trekker’s paradise for the variety of trekking options but also the breathtaking beauty of the place.

Trekking in Ladakh became a very famous tourist destination after the Bollywood film 3 Idiots shot here, and some of the breathtaking shots in the movie aroused interest in tourists to flock to Ladakh like never before.

Ladakh trekking becomes the dream of every hiker. There is a gamut of Ladakh tour operators offering Leh Ladakh tour packages for trekking in Ladakh.

Here is the list of some most challenging Ladakh Trekking routes at an altitude of 3500 to 6000+ meters above sea level.

Ladakh Trekking – Challenging Treks in Ladakh 

1. Stok Kangri

Ladakh Trekking

StokKangri is felt to be the most beautiful and mysterious place to trek along with being a challenging task  to reach the mystic peaks of StokKangri. This place known as Lamayuru Stok Kangri. A well-trained trekker will find it quite easy to trek here, but for first timers, some proper training to climb is advised.

The zenith of this peak gives a mind-boggling and uninterrupted view of the peak of Saser – a part of the Karakoram mountain range. It is one of the most talked about trekking place in Ladakh as the trek provides a magnificent synergy of Ladakh culture in its terrain at an altitude of 6100+ meters.

Ideal season to trek this range is between June to September over a period of 10-14 days. If you dare to go to StokKangri – every minute spent on this trip will be a life-changing adventure in your Ladakh Trekking.

2. Markha Valley with Stok Kangri climbs Trek

trekking in ladakh

A breathtaking Markha valley trek coupled with the climb of StokKangri is a seasoned trekker’s delight. It is advised that to trek on such routes an individual good prior experience and briefing on trekking. This route is certainly not for first timers people who are trekking in Ladakh, as it is quite a challenge to trek into a valley and then climb 5000 meters.

The diversity of this route makes it a challenging trek over a period of 12-16 days. Best season to trek is between the middle of June to September/middle of October. In the Leh-Ladakh tour package, this route is recommended by tour operators for the trekking in Ladakh  as a variety it offers to the trekker.

3. Jhunglam Hemis-Padum Trek

leh ladakh tour packages

The Padum trek from Jhunglam Hemis with a climb to at a height of 5150+ meters is through small remotest towns to the peak of the mountains. Rivers are silent to cross and snow melts away during the season between the middle of the month of July to the middle of the month of October.

Duration of the trek could be anywhere between 10-14 days. Many tourists who have experienced this route opine that the Leh-Ladakh tour would be a complete human experience seeing the culture of the people of the remotest towns nestled at incredible altitudes.

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4. Frozen River Trek – Chadar

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The Zanskar river gets frozen in January-February time frame with temperatures dipping to minus degrees. A trek through this Chadar is a memorable experience and requires plenty of tenancies and experience to traverse.

The word Chadar means blanket and trekking on the “blanket of ice” is challenging.  The trek is one of the famous routes used for trade to connect to the remotest villages in the Zanskar valley located deep in the mountains. As due to freezing temperatures we preferred the season is stable in the last week of January to the end of February.

Trekking in Ladakh on a frozen river can be quite a challenging task with the surrounding ice glaciers and frozen streams for an everlasting impression on the mind. The duration taken to complete this trek could be between 8-12 days for a distance of around 75 kilometers and possible only during the season of winter between the middle of January to the end of February in freezing temperature at an altitude of 4000 meters.

For the most adventurous, the most challenging and unique trek through the Leh-Ladakh tour package would be this route. Please note, it is essential to have an experienced guide and to trek in a large group setting on this challenging route – Dare to go on this Ladakh Trekking adventure of the Frozen River – Chadar.

5. Kang Yatse and Dzo Jongo

ladakh trekking

Both these peaks are located deep in the Markha Valley, it is at an altitude of 6200 meters and would take a time frame of 12-16 days. As like the previous locations described above, these peaks of Kang Yatse/Dzo Jongo offers a mesmerizing experience.

Season to trek here is between July to September. This route is another subtly different on the Leh-Ladakh package for its uniqueness of taking the Ladakh trekker to two peaks on the route of this Leh Ladakh tour.

6. Saboo and Khalsar Trek

trekking in ladakh tour

This trek in Ladakh is of a shorter duration of under 10 days and the best season is  between June and September.  Digar La the highest altitude point is from where to see the local indigenous people, monasteries, monks, villages.

Camel trek is best parts and makes the trip memorable. Traveling from Leh to Saboo beyond which trek to the highest altitude point Digar La is done at an elevation of 5200+ meters above sea level with the breathtaking sight of the villages of Digar and Chumikyogma and lastly the Shyok valley. The trek from Shyok valley to Khalsar can be done and from there on back to Leh, the trek becomes very exciting.

7. Parang La Trek

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This trek that is nestled in the Ladakh- Spiti Valley is quite a famous route passing through the beautiful postcard picturesque valleys of Ladakh.  It originates from the Kara hamlet till Karkoza. Attitudes gradually gained towards its way through Spiti Valley and lastly to TsoMoriri lake. The enigmatic snow leopard in the village of Kibber can also be  seen on this trek.

Once the gorge at Kibber descended, the Parang La can be seen. The landscape is varied and challenging, and the trek will be quite an intense experience. Camping for last 2-3 days should be included in the trip for this 40-kilometer trek which might take 15+ days to complete. This route is another Dare to go on the Ladakh Trekking adventure.

8. Lamayuru to Chilling Trek

adventure ladakh trekking

Walking through snow wrapped trails, crossing rivers, passing villages are the highlight of this trek. The hospitality of the local people is an overwhelming experience adding to the wonderful memory of the overtly beautiful mountain views.

The views of Karakoram mountain range along with the three passes of Dung Dung Chan La pass, Kingskil La Pass, and Prinkti La pass are the highlight feature of this trekking route. Also visiting a monastery makes it a spiritual awakening kind of trek.

This trek is at an altitude of almost 5000 meters above sea level and a refreshingly enlightening experience and the challenges associated with completing this trek seem to be worthwhile. Best season to trek is middle of June to middle of October.

9. Hemis to TsoMoriri Lake Trek

tour of trekking in ladakh

Lastly, the breathtaking but tough and varied landscape of Ladakh trekking has another trekking route of Hemis to TsoMoriri Lake. Enjoy the company of the local nomadic tribes along with walking herds of yak. From Hemis monastery, you can go to TsoMoriri Lake.

This route offers some steep climbing, some unusual flora, and fauna, and the changing landscapes make the trek an enjoyable experience. Also, the experience of some magnificent rock climbing and beautiful passes adds to the variety of this route.  Rare species of birds can also be seen on this route.

Best season to visit July to October. This route is another famous and easier routes as it combines the variety of spirituality plus adventure plus hospital on this tourist Leh-Ladakh package for a unique trekking experience in Ladakh.

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Final Words

All the above-listed spots for trekking in Ladakh are highly challenging and one needs to Dare to go for this type of Ladakh Trekking adventure. There are a lot of trekking support and guide services available to guide you through this immensely challenging terrain of Ladakh.

It is advisable to take the support of a guide who can guide through the tricky and the adventurous terrain of the Leh-Ladakh tour package. However, it can be assured that whichever trekking route a trekker prefers to take in Ladakh, the experience of trekking in Ladakh will always remain an unforgettable one in the journey of life and a sense of déjà vu will transcend your mind with the constant thought that – “I did Dare to go to Ladakh and would again Dare to go again!”

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