Why Leave It To Us?

We understand India. We understand you. And we understand your perspective about this intriguing country that is India. You are excited about India. It is a dream destination that you have reflected upon for years. You have been waiting to visit this country. The incredible sights and sounds that India has to offer, the people, the culture, the colourful costumes, the rich food, the age old customs steeped in millennia old traditions… all the mystical aura adding to the intrigue.

At the same time you also have your apprehensions of this distant land; would your hotel bookings be valid, which hotel to choose and do they match up to what they claim to be, would you have trouble with your luggage, are train journeys comfortable, where to store your luggage during a train journey, how efficient is the aviation sector, will the food be hygienic, how common is Delhi Belly, are the mattresses soft enough, do hotels have wi-fi, are there roads in the Himalayas, how to greet the people when you meet them, how bad is the situation of poverty, how difficult is it going to realise your trip to India;

“We understand your expectations as well as your apprehensions.”


When you choose to travel with us, you will tell us your requirements, you will give us your dates of travel and the kind of hotels that you are looking to use. We understand which category of hotels you are looking for, budget, medium category, five star luxury, heritage property, resorts. You can communicate with our team who have experienced most of the hotels proposed first hand and can guide you through the various choices to best fit your requirements. We do not always count on hotel rating systems on various sites since at times it can be misleading. With our knowledge, you will get the Best Hotels in the category that you are looking for.


The tradition of Indian cuisine goes back centuries. And there is no such thing as one kind of Indian food. The cuisine in our country changes every 300 kilometres. And we will help you discover this food. If you are foodie tell us. We understand that the European and Western palate is a little delicate. And we will protect you from an overdose of spices. You can count on us to find you restaurants that have good quality and hygienic food. You can forget your fears of Delhi Belly when you travel with us.

Land Transport

When travelling in India, roads and traffic are very different from the rest of the world. Most people coming to India are unaware about the way the traffic behaves and the amount of stray cattle that wanders around aimlessly on our highways! Which is why we have chauffeurs who not only know their way around perfectly in every corner of the country but also their driving leaves you feel comfortable and at ease. They are trained uniformed people with whom you can communicate and they understand your apprehensions too. They never over speed and always follow traffic rules which is not always the case in India among other drivers. And our vehicles are maintained in mint condition for four years after which we procure new vehicles and we dispose off our older vehicles.


India has the second largest number of airports in a single country after the United States. And we have a pretty efficient system of Airlines with multiple companies. You can come to us for all your flight booking needs along with the rest of the travel requirements. If you are apprehensive about luggage while changing carriers and layovers in an airport, we can take of it. Call us.


Trains are the backbone of transport in our country. However, for timely departures and arrivals, certain trains have priority above others. A foreigner to India, you would not be aware of which train to book to go from Varanasi to Calcutta or Delhi to Udaipur. Which train is comfortable and which one is air-conditioned? Which is the correct place to wait on a platform to avoid the rush to get into your reserved compartment? Where can you store your luggage? Leave all of that to us. We will advise you when and where to take the train, book your tickets where required, your luggage would be safely put up on the luggage rack and when you arrive, you would be escorted out of the station to your