10 Palaces in India that even Queen Elizabeth will Admire – Luxury India Tours

Luxury India Tours

10 Palaces in India that even Queen Elizabeth will Admire – Luxury India Tours

India is a country of spirituality promoting universal brotherhood through its culture of acceptance and assimilation of thoughts and ideas to transform into a unique culture of people possessing rich and varied heritage.  The rulers of ancient India built palaces which are having breathtaking architecture. If we talk about Luxury India tours, these palaces always come on top to be visited.

As these structures also depict the transition of ancient India to the current modern state as the erstwhile rulers did not flinch from combing Western or Oriental architecture into these edifices of history.

Luxurious Palaces in India you must visit on your Tour to India

Here we discuss the 10 best luxury palaces in India, many of which are converted into luxury hotels now.  There are highly popular Luxury Palaces in India packages.

1) The UmaidBhavan Palace, Jodhpur

Rajasthan, known as the sovereign state of India, mainly because of the great palaces that have been built here. The Umaid Bhavan Palace is still used by the Jodhpur royal family as their residence and qualify as one of the largest private residences in the World with 347 rooms making it the largest palace in India.

Currently, this palace is divided into three parts, one part of the palace is a luxury hotel managed by Tata’s Taj group.  The second part of the palace houses a museum and in another portion of the property, the royal family resides. They organize luxury India tours with an effective price.

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Here is an itinerary taking you to Rajasthan Forts and Palaces

2) The Lake Palace, Udaipur

The lake palace of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan is another masterpiece wonder to be visited  in luxury travel India program. This palace was built in 1746 by the 62nd king of the Mewar dynasty,  on 4 acres of land in the Lake Pichola, which happens to be a natural island in the city of Udaipur.

The James Bond film Octopussy was shot at this picturesque palace and also many popular Hindi films have shot here.  Currently, this palace is a hotel managed by the Taj Group of hotels. This is a must visit destinations when you are on luxury India tours.

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3) The HawaMahal, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal is one of the most popular palaces in India located in the city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan built in the year 1799. Hawa means the wind and Mahal mean palace to make it the palace of winds. The unique small windows of this palace numbering 950 are spectacular.

It was believed that the small windows were made for the women folk in the palace to see the life on streets and marketplace outside without being watched from outside. It is a tourist destination now and open from morning 9:30 am to evening 4:30 pm for visitors.

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4) Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

The Laxmi Vilas Palace also known as Maharaja palace which is a series of palaces conjoined palaces built by the Marathas of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat. The construction was completed in 1890, and currently, the royal family resides in one portion, and another portion is thrown open to the public with entry fees and a famous tourist attraction of the place.

Laxmi Vilas Palace was the costliest palace when its construction was completed in 1890 costing 1,80,000 British pounds in that era. Spending the luxury India holidays, with the series of palaces of Vadodara counts as the wonderful experience. Luxury India tours shall remain incomplete without visiting this fascinating palace in Vadodara India.

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5) Jay Vilas Palace, Gwalior

Jay Vilas Palace was built in 1874 by the erstwhile Maratha rulers, namely the Scindias, of the princely state of Gwalior now located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It continues to be still the residence of the royal family.

It has 400 rooms and from these 40 rooms are converted into Scindia Museum. It is a 12,40,000 + square feet of an architectural wonder built at a cost of 1 crore Indian rupees. It is particularly famous for its large Durbar Hall. It considered as the best palace to be visited in Luxury travel India tour.

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6) Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore

The Amba Vilas Palace is in Mysore city in the state of Karnataka. The hall of this palace where the King conferred with his ministers built with precious stones. This palace was constructed by the Wodeyar dynasty the erstwhile rulers of the Mysore Kingdom.

The palace is extremely famous for Luxury India tours with a nominal entry fee. The royal family stays in a small portion of the palace while the major part of the Palace is a tourist attraction managed by the Government of Karnataka.

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7) Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jaipur

Rambagh Palace located in the city of palaces Jaipur is administered by the Taj Group of Hotels. It contains 79 rooms which were the chambers of former Maharaja. This palace is another classic palace with unique architecture and highly rated as a heritage hotel in the world.

It is one of the most costly hotels too with the presidential suite in the hotel costing Rs. 6 lakhs per day. It is one of the beautiful destination in the Luxury India tours program  which must be visited.

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8) City Palace- Jaipur

Jaipur city in the state of Rajasthan has another great palace known as the City Palace. This palace which lies in the heart of Jaipur, in fact, is the combination of two palaces, namely the Chandra Palace and the Mubarak Mahal. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II around 1730. City palace has many parts such as Bhaggi Khana, Govind Dev Ji temple etc. must be visited while Luxury India tour.

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9) Ujayantta Palace, Tripura

The Ujayantta Palace is one of the largest museum in the state of Tripura in the North East of India. It is located on banks of a lake, and lush green gardens are surrounding this palace. It is one of the greatest tourist attraction and tours are conducted by the Tripura Tourism department.

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10) Cooch Behar Palace, Cooch Behar

This palace inspired by the design of the Buckingham Palace and is located in the city of Cooch Behar in the state West Bengal. It was constructed in 1887 during the reign of Maharaja Nripendra.

The beauty of this palace is that it is fronted by a series of arcaded verandahs on the ground and first floors with their piers arranged in an alternate use of single and double rows. This wonderful palace is one of the greatest destination you must visit in Luxury India tours. 

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Final Words about Palaces in India and Luxury India Tours

There are many more palaces that match up to the above 10 luxury travel India, but regarding popularity, the above ten make it into the top ten palaces of India. These are the palaces where you can come for luxury India holidays. Contact Maavalan Travels for Luxury India Tours.

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