Offres étonnants

You have an amazing opportunity to explore indian culture from the inside in combination with the well known tourist places, you will be living the experience of a lifetime that tourists rarely have a chance to see. You will be in the middle of the colours, smells, sounds, watching and participating in something that you could never imagine! These events take place only once a year at a particular time decided by the lunar calendar. Please check if you can combine your tour with some of these extraordinary festivals that you will never forget.

Durga Festival Calcutta

This is a festival of colours, lights, incredible artistic decorations, joy in the family, all brought about through months of preparation. And most importantly, it is also a celebration of women. Depending upon the moon phase, this Hindu festival falls sometime in the month of October and Calcutta knows how to celebrate a traditional festival in all its pomp and glory! If you want to live and experience this incredible Durga Festival, please get in touch with us at

Kota Dussehra

India is replete with a variety of festivities that are a treat for the senses. Some of these festivities go back over two millennia… it is a country of traditional celebrations. And if you want to see some of these age old celebrations, you are welcome to be part of it, through all the Royalty that is associated with these festivities at the magnificent festival of Dussehra and no better place to experience this festival other than the medieval town of Southern Rajasthan called Kota. For special permissions to have a Royal experience and learning more contact us at

Pushkar Animal Fair

One of the longest lasting, oldest and biggest animal fairs in human history takes place at a small village in Rajasthan, India, at a place called Pushkar. Seven days of this fair culminates with the full moon in the month of November. Multiple races of camels, incredible Marwari horses, cows and buffaloes of every kind are traded by merchants and farmers alike coming from far and near. Women folk are a treat to watch with their brilliant colourful attire. There is an aura of festive gaiety in the goings on! To live this in its true authenticity, write to us at

Chadar Frozen River Trek

This is one of the most outstanding experiences on the face of the earth should you choose to do this. For the lovers of adventure and thrill, you will also appreciate the unshakeable spirit of the Ladakhi people, who in severe winters and high altitudes keep in touch between villages by walking on frozen rivers. The natural vistas that you will see are beyond spectacular! Book with us for an unforgettable experience by writing to