This itinerary is a part of the Rajasthan tour packages theme. A visit to Rajasthan tourist places means a tour to culture and traditions of India. When you are deciding on your trip to Rajasthan, the classic Rajasthan tour takes you through all the important spots, monuments and events (depending on your travel dates) of Rajasthan. This itinerary gives you an idea of what a classical trip to Rajasthan tourist places looks like. You can book this with us because a classical itinerary never goes out of style.

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Day 1 | Arrival in New Delhi  

Arrival in Delhi. Contrary to most airports, arrival in the spanking new India International Airport in New Delhi is quite a pleasant experience with fast moving immigration counters, India specific décor that makes the visitor reflect on the Indian philosophy and finally the smiling Maavalan representative who awaits the visitor at the exit that reaffirms that philosophy, that Guest is God. Maavalan assisted seamless check-in at the chosen hotel and a brief given to you which puts you at ease as you sink into the comfort of your bed to relax for the night.

You may change some amount of currency in Indian Rupees before coming out of the Airport at the banks at the Airport which remain open 24×7 The best way to overcome Jet leg is to adjust yourself with the new destination; if you arrive during the day, do not rest, enjoy the day (pool or massage) or if you arrive at night, then try to catch some sleep immediately.

rajasthan tourist places

Day 2 | Delhi City Visits

Delhi, the City of Djinns as described by William Dalrymple. Bustling capital of India where demarcations between the Old and the New merge into shadow lines. Discovery of these lines gives you a deeper understanding of the long standing 1000 year old history of this incredible city. Discover more with our expert guided Rajasthan tours.

Visiting places: Jama Masjid, Government Buildings, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutb Minar

Use sun screen. Take off your shoes at the religious places. Contact us for lunch for exciting Indian Lunches.

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Day 3 | Delhi – Shekhawati

First exposure to India’s countryside reveals an aspect of India that is in utter contrast to the city; bullock and camel carts share the same road space with BMW cars and Tata Buses! You spend your time in awe as the incredible aspects of this amazing country unveil itself. Shekhawati; the region of painted havelis belonging to the rich Marwari merchant class. This region is an open art gallery in Rajasthan having the largest concentration of frescos in the world! Visit the tourist places in shekhawati to memorize your Rajasthan holidays forever. There are total 18 tourist places in shekhawati. Sightseeing ach of them may take 2 to 3 days. However, you can explore preferred locations in less time.

Visiting places: Nawalgarh, Poddar Haveli, Mandawa villager

Drive through rural India. Pit stop Midway. Photo stops at Nawalgarh village.

tourist places in shekhawati

Day 4 | Shekhawati – Bikaner

Taking the road to Bikaner you venture deeper into the Thar desert. There are numerous tourist places to visit in Bikaner which seems tempting and calling to visitors. The road goes through sandy desert sparsely populated and some arid acacia dotting the landscape. The red Bikaner Fort gives the traveller a rich treat of fine carvings and painted Mahals giving us an image of an erstwhile era of Maharajas, their queens and their whims and fancies! In the evening you might wish to spend the night in a place which housed a Prince not so long ago…so pack your bags for tourist places to visit in Bikaner and sense the flavor of Rajasthan tourism.

Visiting places: Junagarh Fort

Pit stop at Ratangarh Midway. Take a break. Have a beer, or a local tea, masala chai!

tourist places to visit in bikaner

Day 5 |Bikaner – Jaisalmer

Habitations on this day are even fewer and far between as one proceeds towards the golden town of Jaisalmer. Driving into the sunset, one can see Jaisalmer rise up above the horizon. It is a sight worth coming to see the Golden Fort loom up in the distance. It is a satisfying moment that one spends at the Sunset Point with the slanting rays of the descending sun lighting up the Yellow Sandstone Fort.

Visiting places: Royal Cenotaphs

Nice drive through the Desert. Seasonal visit of birds en route. Ask our chauffeur nearby

rajasthan tourist places

Day 6 | Jaisalmer Town Visits

Jaisalmer, a sleepy old town, a living citadel built atop a hill of sandstone, glowing proudly yellow from the rays of the rising sun against the blue azure sky has many tourist places to visit. Built nearly a thousand years ago, not much has changed in the city other than the railways and internet cafés! This city was made famous by the renowned filmmaker from Calcutta, Satyajit Ray in his cult film, Sonarkela. The citadel also houses several beautiful Jain Temples carved in stone. Ambling down from the citadel, you can easily and happily lose your way in the labyrinth like alleys of the old town amidst the countless havelis with façades minutely carved in stone; something that you would remember for a long time.

Visiting places: Haveli, Citadel, Jain Temples

Do not carry leather articles to the Jain Temples. Wear good walking shoes

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Day 7 | Jaisalmer – Jodhpur

During Rajasthan holidays, while driving on this road, cross massive red sandstone quarries on the way. The impressive fortress in red Sandstone seemingly growing up from a rocky outcrop above the blue city is a stark reminder of the erstwhile warring Rajput clans to whom honour and valour meant everything and established necessary means to protect such lofty ideals. This unique fortress, though military in nature, today houses one of the best kept museums displaying princely possessions, gifts, acquisitions and trophies of war. 130 metres below the towering ramparts stands a bustling spice market among other things in a clock tower market.

Visiting places: Mehrangarh Fort. Optional walk in the Clock Tower market

Massive Red Sandstone quarries en route

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Day 8 | Jodhpur – Udaipur

A day of unique discovery wherein one finds out how a non-violent religion can contribute in terms of fine art there are many tourist places in Udaipur such as; the Ranakpur Jain temples, nestled and well hidden in a nondescript corner of the Aravali mountain range. Surrounded by forests, the Temples of Ranakpur are a standing testimony of the Jain community dedication in building extraordinary places of worship. Constructed in white marble, they are the biggest and one of the most meticulously carved temples in all of North India. After the Ranakpur Temples, one needs to cross the Aravali Mountain ranges to reach Udaipur. During this journey, one traverses small beautiful hamlets in the hills living. And in the late afternoon, one reaches the city of lakes, Udaipur. It is well worth one’s time to take a walk on the Lakeside Promenade where the local youth come to meet and talk while you can enjoy the sun setting across the lake beyond the Aravalis. Udaipur tour packages from Delhi are common visits as the place is charming and seems tempting to beauty lovers.

Visiting places: Ranakpur

Carry a pair of socks to visit Jain Temple visits. You have to take off your shoes and wear clothes that cover your shoulders and entire legs adequately. One can also hire such clothing at the temple premises with nominal charge. You should not carry any leather articles or food with you during the visits of Jain Temples.

tourist places in shekhawati

Day 9 | Udaipur City Visits

One of the most Romantic cities in the country, Udaipur is a blissful town dotted with two large lakes and several smaller lakes surrounded by the Aravalis giving it a picturesque setting in the midst of Rajput Royalty. Find out the myriad corridors of that Royalty in the City Palace right opposite the Lake Palace. Discover the most beautiful tourist places in Udaipur and local artists using ultra-fine brushes to realize minute miniatures keeping alive traditions of centuries ago. Take the boat out to Jag Mandir Palace for a drink as the sun goes down in the Aravalis. The Udaipur tourist packages from Delhi will definitely mesmerize you with its beauty.

Visiting places: City Palace, Sahelion ki badi garden

Take the boat out to Jag Mandir Palace to savour a drink as the sun goes down in the Aravalis a moment to cherish. Visit a miniature paintings workshop.

tourist places in udaipur

Day 10 | Udaipur – Deogarh

Driving through winding roads of the Aravalis, one of the oldest mountain chains on the planet, you discover an extinct village with nearly submerged temples dating from the 6th century AD, made of hard granite with marvelous carvings of beautiful girls, gods, goddesses and the ubiquitous erotic postures. Arrival at the Deogarh Mahal takes you back straight three centuries. A stunning palace so unreal that it looks straight out of a Bollywood movie where even the clocks tick in slow motion. Relax next to the Lotus shaped swimming pool with your favourite drink or enjoy a full body massage at the Spa centre.

Visiting places: Village Safari, High Tea (Optional)

Udaipur tour

Day 11 | Deogarh – Jaipur

Another bustling city, the capital of Rajasthan, growing rapidly in tandem with the national economy. The pink city is the oldest part of town housing the erstwhile Maharaja’s palaces, now open to public viewings. One of the crowning achievements of the founder of Jaipur is the futuristic Observatory, locally better known as the JantarMantar, a marvel of astronomical science dating from the early 18th century.

Visiting places: Artisan’s workshops, city orientation

Leaving soon after breakfast is recommended to arrive early and enjoy half a day at the Capital city, Jaipur

Jaipur city tours

Day 12 | Jaipur City Visits

The splendour of Amer Fort, ride up to it on elephant back, the discovery of the carved mirror halls, the beautifully manicured gardens, the ingenious cooling methods in 5 century old forts, the workings of giant clocks, calculations of astral themes, 20 kilo multilayered gold embroidered skirts for the privileged royal ladies… are some of the things that we will show you around on your Rajasthan holidays. And we are just warming up!

Visiting places: Amer fort, Observatory, City Palace

After your visits, spare some time for Shopping

rajasthan tourist places

Day 13 | Jaipur – Agra 

Most of us have grown up having dreamt some time or the other of visiting the famed Taj Mahal. We all know about it. Hence we will not talk about it. The monument will do the talking. We will just say one thing: “You will not be disappointed!” En route, you will however visit the abandoned palace of Akbar, a gem by its own right.

Visiting places: Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort

Do not forget to visit a Marble Inlay workshop and have a look at souvenirs

tourist places to visit in bikaner

Day 14 | Agra – Delhi 

The tour culminates after the visits of the Agra monuments as you make your way to the national capital. A Maavalan representative comes for the personal debrief. You will also be taken for farewell dinner! You will be transferred to the International Terminal as you are homeward bound far richer with the Maavalan Experience that is dedicated to create meaningful lifetime experiences for you through Rajasthan travel.

Visiting places: Taj Mahal

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