You must have heard about Rajasthan, a name that conjures up images of Forts, Palaces, Kings and Queens living in splendour in the midst of fine art carvings, paintings; fine artists who roamed from kingdom to kingdom, showcasing their works of art and making fine art out of the lives of the princely families. Rajasthan tour is all that and much more. This is one of the most romantic places that you can visit in India. Combine it with Agra tour and Goa tour and you have got yourself a romantic honeymoon in India. This India honeymoon package takes you through a classical journey of the best and most loved destinations in Rajasthan; Jaipur and Udaipur and you finish off your honeymoon on the magnificent beaches of Goa, enjoying the sun, sea and pina coladas!

Honeymoon package in India

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Day 1 | Arrival in New Delhi (Flight, Surface)

Arrival in Delhi. Contrary to most airports, arrival in the spanking new India International Airport in New Delhi is quite a pleasant experience with fast moving immigration counters, India specific décor that makes the visitor reflect on the Indian philosophy and finally the smiling Maavalan representative who awaits the visitor at the exit that reaffirms that philosophy, that Guest is God. Maavalan assisted seamless check-in at the chosen hotel and a brief given to you which puts you at ease as you sink into the comfort of your bed to relax for the night.

You may change some amount of currency in Indian Rupees before coming out of the Airport at the banks at the Airport which remain open 24×7 The best way to overcome Jet leg is to adjust yourself with the new destination; if you arrive during the day, do not rest, enjoy the day (pool or massage) or if you arrive at night, then try to catch some sleep immediately.

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Day 2 | Delhi City Visits

Delhi, the City of Djinns as described by William Dalrymple. Bustling capital of India where demarcations between the Old and the New merge into shadow lines. Discovery of these lines gives you a deeper understanding of the long standing 1000 year old history of this incredible city. Discover more with our expert guided Delhi tours. Find out how delhi tourism is outstanding. You will run short of time trying to explore all the Delhi Tourist Places. There is Old Delhi, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and hundred and lots more!

Visiting places: Jama Masjid, Government Buildings, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutb Minar

Use sun screen. Take off your shoes at the religious places. Contact us for lunch for exciting Indian Lunches

Delhi Tourist Places

Day 3 | Delhi – Agra  (Flight, Surface)

Early morning departure by road towards the most famous monument of Love on the planet: The Taj Mahal! “A tear drop on the cheek of time” is how the Nobel Laureate poet, Rabindranath Tagore described this architectural marvel. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed. A guided Taj Mahal tour is the most beautiful thing that you will ever come across in a lifetime. Later in the day, you would also walk in the myriad corridors and cusped arches of the Agra Fort, also partly built by the Great Mughals. Agra tourism is a never ending tale of Mughals and their love for buildings. Some local artisans still try to build the marble inlay work pioneered inside the Taj Mahal nearly 4 centuries ago! Taj Mahal holidays are arguably the most famous sector in India tourism.

Visiting places: Taj Mahal, Agra Fort: UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.

Do not forget to visit a Marble Inlay workshop and have a look at souvenirs

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Day 4 | Agra – Jaipur 

You will traverse the abandoned ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri, constructed by Akbar, the Great! It is a massive harmonious construction of Red Sandstone built in the middle of vast expanses of wheat fields. After checking in at your hotel in Jaipur, go for a discovery stroll in the Old bazaars of the Pink City. There is order in the chaos! This Delhi-Agra-Jaipur tour is what is called the Golden triangle tour.

Visiting places: Fatehpur Sikri: UNESCO World Heritage Monument

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Day 5 | Jaipur City Visits

The splendour of Amer Fort, ride up to it on elephant back, the discovery of the carved mirror halls, the beautifully manicured gardens, the ingenious cooling methods in 5 century old forts, the workings of giant clocks, calculations of astral themes, 20 kilo multilayered gold embroidered skirts for the privileged royal ladies… are some of the things that we will show you around. And we are just warming up!

Visiting places: Amer fort, Observatory, City Palace.

Spare some time after your visits for some Jaipur Shopping

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Day 6 | Jaipur – Udaipur 

Driving through Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs, a courageous and proud people, who would fight tooth and nail and lay down their lives for the honour of their women, families, kingdoms and subjects. Chittorgarh Fort is one such place that stands testimony to many a battle and tales of Rajput chivalry and valour. And typical of Rajput clans, this fort stands tall and incidentally also in ruins atop a hillock with nine protective gates built on the road leading sinuously up to the palaces! Learn more about fire sacrifices and the fort laid to interminable sieges for the love of a woman as you climb your way up to the Fort.

Visiting places: Chittorgarh Fort.

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Day 7 | Udaipur City Visits  (Surface)

One of the most Romantic cities in the country, Udaipur is a blissful town dotted with two large lakes and several smaller lakes surrounded by the Aravalis giving it a picturesque setting in the midst of Rajput Royalty. Find out the myriad corridors of that Royalty in the City Palace right opposite the Lake Palace. Discover the local artists using ultra-fine brushes to realise minute miniatures keeping alive traditions of centuries ago. Take the boat out to Jag Mandir Palace for a drink as the sun goes down in the Aravalis. This is the Romance of the city of Udaipur. Welcome to Udaipur tourism!

Visiting places: City Palace, Sahelion ki badi garden, Boat ride.

Take the boat out to Jag Mandir Palace to savour a drink as the sun goes down in the Aravalis a moment to cherish. Visit a miniature paintings workshop.

udaipur tourism

Day 8 | Udaipur – Goa

Arrival and check in at your hotel not far from the beach!

Visiting places: Flight, Check in and Relax

Time for the beaches, time for a lot of sunscreen!.

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Day 9 | Goa

The Mythical land called Goa where it all began in the sixties! The happy smiling faces of the fun-loving Goan folk from the ex Portuguese colony is a joy to behold and warms the heart. With over 100 kilometres of beaches in Goa, one still finds white sand virgin beaches where your footprints would be the only ones to be found! And Goan beaches have excellent night life to offer as well. Its free time to discover and enjoy what Goa tourism has to offer. This India honeymoon itinerary is part of our Goa Holiday Packages and is designed to give you the best of heritage of India mixed with the wonderful beaches of India.

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Day 10 | Goa

There are numerous things to do in Goa. However, if you wish, you can just lie on the beach! Optional visits of Indo-Portuguese Baroque architecture. Visit of Old Goa.

Visiting places: Optional Visits

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Day 11 | Goa – Bombay  

Your Romancing of Indian shores comes to a close as you take a flight from Goa to the commercial hub of India, Bombay from where your international flight takes you back to your country as you take back rich and satisfying memories of a distant and exotic land!

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