In this incredible discovery of India luxury tours, we bring you an amazing blend of the lives of Rulers in the land of priceless diamonds and pearls, kings of the domain of Sandalwood and Rubies, Landlords of exotic spices and green coconuts. The wonderful contrasts of luxury India ever present, the precious gems of the earth have now been replaced by technology. However the vestiges of the old lore remain and in the land of verdant abundance, silvery backwaters, green eco-friendliness combined in the right mix of recyclable comforts and organic swimming pools is the new definition of distinct and subtle royal holidays. This is an understated India luxury tour crafted by Maavalan India tours.

South India Tour Itinerary

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Day 1 | Arrival in Hyderabad  south india tours

Arrival in Hyderabad and welcomed by a smiling Maavalan representative to be seamlessly checked in at your hotel to get over the jet lag.

kerala Spa & Massage You may change some amount of currency in Indian Rupees before coming out of the Airport at the banks at the Airport which remain open 24×7 The best way to overcome Jet leg is to adjust yourself with the new destination; if you arrive during the day, do not rest, enjoy the day (pool or massage) or if you arrive at night, then try to catch some sleep immediately.

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Day 2 | Hyderabad

Treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast before starting South India tour and discovering this city of contrasts. Start your day in the small streets and large avenues of the old city. The Charminar or the Four Minarets is the symbol of Hyderabad. On the Main Avenue leading to the Charminar, there are still some Pearl merchants. One can also get a glimpse of what this city might have looked like when it was built with the side lanes having little shops with bangles of various colors and hues originally made of coloured glass. Not too far is the small but beautiful Chawmala Palace now turned into a textile museum. Hyderabad is also home to the largest private museum that houses art from all over the world collected by Salarjung and named after him. The real essence of Hyderabad sightseeing can be experienced as you pass through the cultural and ancient monuments and markets.

Visiting places: Charminar, Chawmala Palace

hyderabad sightseeing

Day 3 | Hyderabad

Go back in time of valour and wars at the Golconda fort. It is said the streets were carpeted and the merchants sold Diamonds and Pearls. From the now exhausted mines of Golconda, came the famous Kohinoor, which now lies in the crown of the British Queen. Built by the Quthab Shai rulers, it was already put to ruins and Hyderabad was already born when the Nizams came into power. The tombs of the Quthab Shai stand in glorious silence with a breathtaking view of the fort and still remains one of the most famous places to visit in Hyderabad. While you wander through these ports you will experience the true culture of South India Tours.

Visiting places: Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Salarjung Museum

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Day 4 |Hyderabad/Bangalore=Mysore kerala houseboat packages

Fly to Bangalore, the IT capital of India and proceed to Mysore, which is the Home of the Woodiyar Kings and Tipu Sultan, also known as the “Tiger Of Mysore”. A few kilometers before Mysore, stop at Srirangapatnam, an island in the most important river of south India, the “Kaveri” and visit the small but charming summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, the “Dharia Daulat Mahal”. If time permits and if the market is open visit the wholesale traders’ market for silk cocoons. Thanks to Mysore tourism and Karnataka tourism, this city has become charming.

Visiting places: Dharia Daulat Mahal

places to visit in karnataka Visit the colourful market. Go for a drink at the Lalith Mahal Palace

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Day 5 | Mysore

In your luxury India tour, the next destination is the Mysore Maharaja Palace is a veritable treasure house of paintings, jewellery, costumes housed in a typical structure built in Indo-Saracenic architecture. In the evening drive up to Chamundi Hill to get a panoramic view of the city and see the second largest monolithic statue of Shiva’s Bull “Nandi” and treat yourself to a drink at the Lalith Mahal Palace now a hotel

Visiting places: Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill

places to visit in karnataka

Day 6 | Mysore – Chikmagalur  places to visit in hyderabad

A major part of India is religion so a day of temples is in store for you. Sharavanabelagola a Jain pilgrimage center is famous for its 17-meter high monolithic statue of “bahubali” a Jain prophet. After lunch at Hassan your breath will be taken away as you behold the intricately carved statues in soap stone at the temples of Belur and Halibed built by the Kings of the Hosilya Dynasty. Visiting this place during your South India travel can be most memorable one.

Visiting places: Sravanabelagola, Belur, Halebid

places to visit in karnataka

Day 7 | ManduChikmagalur-Cochin  south india tours

A day of travel going through Bangalore to arrive at the Spice Port of India: Cochin.

Visiting places: Kathakali Dance

places to visit in hyderabad

Day 8 | Cochin

A walk through Fort Cochin gives you a nostalgic impression with its Chinese Fishing nets the old and historically important St. Francis Church the first Catholic Church of India and the beautiful remaining colonial buildings. Cochin used to be home to a large Jewish community today barely 13 Jews remain to keep alive the beautiful Pardasi synagogue that is situated near the Mattancherry Palace also known as the Dutch palace.

Visiting places: Mattancherry Palace, St Francis Church, Synagogue, Chinese fishing nets.

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Day 9 | Cochin-Kumarakom places to visit in hyderabad

Getting out of the crowded city situated on the shores of the Vembanad Lake nestled among coconut trees is a Coconut lagoon where Luxury resides in its modern sense. Everything that meets the eye is in harmony with the surroundings and Eco-friendliness is a priority.

Visiting places: Option Spa & Massage, Cooking classes…

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Day 10 | Kumarakom places to visit in karnataka

A cruise in a traditional “Ketuvallam” or rice boat transformed into a “House Boat” in the canals that were built around the lake the Backwaters of Kerala. Life here goes on at its own pace, people live on the banks of the canals with paddy fields behind their homes. South India tour packages are very popular and people from around the world come to enjoy these rides.

Visiting places: Boat cruise

places to visit in hyderabad

Day 11 | Kumarakom-Marari  kerala houseboat packages

On the shores of the Arabian Sea is a quaint fisherman’s village, Mararikulam, a good opportunity to cycle around in the villages adjoining Mararikulam without too much traffic or take a drive to the choir manufacturing factory close by. A south India tour is incomplete without visiting these beaches.  Marari has arguably some of the best Kerala beaches. The Arabian Sea. Watch the setting sun, dine at the fabulous sea food restaurant, treat yourself to an ayurvedic massage or chill at the pool, relax and enjoy your luxury holidays in India.

Visiting places: Option Spa & Massage, Cooking classes…

charminar hyderabadEnjoy the Beach and the seafood

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Day 12 |Marari

Another day of self-indulgence

Visiting places: Beach

charminar hyderabad

Day 13 | Marari-Cochin charminar hyderabad

Drive to Cochin on the last day of your South India travel. In the evening go for a farewell seafood dinner

Day 14 | NA karnataka tour packages

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