India is synonymous with traditions. And what better way to discover these traditions than to go on a far away trip to India where you still experience living centuries old traditions, see monuments that go back more than two millennia, discover ethnic diversity through Mumbai holiday Packages, that you would not see anywhere else on the planet. Discover multiple religious aspects within a single monument dating back a thousand years. Through this itinerary of Mumbai tours, we will transport you to the sources and traditions of India.

Mumbai holiday Package

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Day 1 | Arrival in Bombay 

Arrival in Bombay and welcomed by a smiling Maavalan representative at to be seamlessly checked in at your hotel to get over the jet lag. Get full rest so that you are ready within a few hours to explore places to visit near Mumbai. Till the time you can go for Mumbai sightseeing that itself is enough to get seduced to this city.

You may change some amount of currency in Indian Rupees before coming out of the Airport at the banks at the Airport which remain open 24×7 The best way to overcome Jet leg is to adjust yourself with the new destination; if you arrive during the day, do not rest, enjoy the day (pool or massage) or if you arrive at night, then try to catch some sleep immediately.

places to visit near mumbai

Day 2 | Bombay – Aurangabad 

After Mumbai City tour we will go ahead to Aurangabad. On Day 2, Just After breakfast we have planned an Elephanta Caves tour, where you will come across the oldest rock architecture dedicated to Lord Shiva. Take the boat cruise in the morning to visit the 1500-year-old famous Hindu rock cut temples. Take the boat back to the city for a drive around the “Queen’s Necklace” and a quick discovery of the city, the commercial capital of India. In the evening you will be taking a flight out of the city to Aurangabad. And on arrival Aurangabad tourism is a never ending tale of the state of the art architecture from ancient times. There are many other places to visit near Mumbai where you can visit and spend your holidays.

Visiting places: Elephanta, Queen’s Necklace, Prince of Wales Museum.

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Day 3 | Aurangabad-Ellora-Aurangabad 

Mumbai holiday packages include another monumental World Heritage Site of Ellora which is known for its 34 temples which are 29Kms from Aurangabad sculpted into the rock face of the hills. The Ajanta Ellora Caves Tour Package is a great way to spend your time exploring the mind-blowing signature of art and craft. This is a place where three major religions coexisted, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. They also date back to the 5th Century ADYou will return to Aurangabad to visit a splendid monument built by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. Your Mumbai tourism will take a new turn on every day, offering a lot of sightseeing.

Visiting places: Ellora Temples

Carry a pair of socks as you would have to take off your shoes to visit the temples

aurangabad tourism

Day 4 | Aurangabad-Ajanta-Burhanpur 

Driving 100 km’s from Aurangabad you come to the rock-cut temples of Ajanta where you will see the “finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting” dating back to the Buddhist era more than two millennia ago! Explore this world heritage site with us within Mumbai holiday packages. Discover the 2200-year-old paintings with colours so fresh that they seem relatively recent. You will reach Burhanpur late in the afternoon as continuing with Mumbai tourism package.

Visiting places: Ajanta Caves

Carry a pair of socks as you would have to take off your shoes to visit the temples

places to visit near mumbai

Day 5 |Burhanpur-Omkareshwar-Maheshwar 

Burhanpur, another classy example of Places to visit near Mumbai is a beautiful city with an interesting fort from the times of Shah Jahan, whose wife, Mumtaz Mahal had stayed here for a considerable period of time. Also visit the mosque. On the way to Maheshwar, you will visit the sacred Hindu destination of Omkareshwar. Take a boat to cross the Narmada and visit the sacred shrines at Omkareshwar and participate in the religious Hindu fervour. Drive into Maheshwar and settle into your hotel as you contemplate the day’s rich visits.

Visiting places: Burhanpur Fort, Omkareshwar Temple

ajanta ellora caves tour package

Day 6 | Maheshwar-Mandu  

On next day of Mumbai tour, Visit Maheshwar which  is an ancient town going back to mythical times, situated on the banks of the Narmada, considered to be one of the most sacred rivers of Hindus. It is worth visiting the ghats of the Narmada and a walk through the temples and the Ahilya Fort. Drive to Mandu.

Visiting places: Narmada Ghats, Narmada Temples

elephanta caves tour

Day 7 | Mandu

The archaeological sites of the ruined city of Mandu are a treat for the historical and architectural enthusiast. The constructions of this phantom city date back over 700 years! Numerous interesting visits await you while undergoing through Mumbai holiday package.

Visiting places: Jahaz Mahal, Rupmati Palace, Hindola Mahal, Jama Masjid

Enjoy sunset at Baj Bahadur Palace

bhopal tourism

Day 8 | Mandu-Ujjain-Indore 

While driving out of Mandu, do not forget to photograph yourself with the massive Baobab trees! When you reach Ujjain, visit the highly sacred Hindu pilgrimage centre of Mahakaleshwar where devotees stand in line for hours to have a glimpse of the deity underground. Get a chance to have another unique experience of the sacred character of the Hindu way of life in your Mumbai tour. Check in at Indore

Visiting places: Mahakaleshwar Temple

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Day 9 | Indore-Bhopal 

Drive to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, and arguably one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities of the country! We are certain that your trip from Mumbai tourism to Bhopal tourism will be an unforgettable one.

Visiting places: Visit of Old Bhopal

Carry a pair of socks as you would have to take off your shoes to visit places of worship

bhopal tourism

Day 10 | Bhopal

The excursion to Sanchi is one of the high points of your tour. It is an extremely well maintained Buddhist archaeological site dating back 2300 years! A day is not enough to visit this marvellous site. This is an amazing place for Buddhist Tourism. Visit the anthropological museum after returning to Bhopal and go to the Birla Temple in the evening for a view of the city.

Visiting places: Sanchi Stupa

aurangabad tourism

Day 11 | Bhopal-Jhansi-Orchha 

Enjoy your property till your departure at noon by train. Today is your first journey by train in India which is always a unique and exhilarating experience

You do not have to worry about carrying heavy luggage into the train and putting them up on the luggage racks. We will take care of your luggage

ajanta ellora caves tour package

Day 12 |Orchha-Khajuraho 

Situated on the banks of the river Betwa, Orchha is a sleepy village with some extraordinary ruins of Palaces and interesting architectural structures erected to commemorate the Kings of the region

Visiting places: Orchha Palace, Cenotaphs

Carry a pair of socks as you would have to take off your shoes to visit places of worship

elephanta caves tour

Day 13 | Khajuraho-Benares

Khajuraho is well known in history for its largest concentration of erotic sculptures on Hindu temples. The visit of the Khajuraho temples will leave you mesmerised. These are some of the fine art erotic temples that  India is famous for religious depth covered in our Mumbai holiday packages.The western group of temples are some of the finest examples of temple architecture and erotic sculptures on the planet dating back over 1000 years! As you fly into Benares, you will notice the famed Ganges from the aircraft window. You are also in the city of magnificent silk brocade; in silver and in gold! After arrival in Benares, visit a silk brocade factory. In the evening go to the Ganges Ghats to experience one of the most extraordinary religious ceremonies that one ever gets to see in a lifetime!

varanasi tourism

Day 14 | Benares

You culminate your travel of Mumbai along with visiting the nearest Bombay tourist places, in the holiest of the holy cities of India through which the Ganges flows: Benares. It is but natural to end your tour of such deep traditions and the profundity of spiritual pursuits that leads us to this holy city. The spiritual energy in Benares creates this mystical aura around it and moves us emotionally. Early morning boat ride on the Ganges during sunrise will show you the morning rituals and ablutions of the Hindus on the Ganges ghats. Lose yourself in the myriad lanes and alleys of Old Benares. During the afternoon visit Sarnath, where Buddha preached his first sermon after his illumination. This is another amazing place for Buddhist tourism. Visit the Sarnath museum. Varanasi tourism is surely a highlight of true Hindu culture of India and of Buddhist Tourism.

Visiting places: Boat Ride, Sarnath

varanasi tourism

Day 15 | Benares-Delhi 

Your journey draws to a close. Fly to Delhi as you prepare yourself for your international flight back home. We will invite you for a Free Cocktail dinner before your departure from Delhi. Hope you will enjoy toy the whole travel of Bombay and the tour of places to visit near Mumbai!

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