The most manifest form of spiritualism in India is in its devotional aspect. In the temples amongst bustling crowds of devotees, seemingly chaotic, you can sense the inner peace of each devotee as he reaches the sanctum. This voyage will take you in discovering this spiritual element in the living active temples and the mythological aspect, through which you may find answers to a lot of your questions in the sculptures.  If you are looking for mental peace through through spirituality tours, we recommend you to book this itinerary.

South India Tour

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Day 1 | Arrival in Chennai (Madras) south india tours

Arrive to the smiling face of the Maavalan representative who will take you to Mahabalipuram for an assisted seamless check-in at the chosen hotel and a brief given to you which puts you at ease as you sink into the comfort of your bed to relax for the night. Our South India Tour Packages offer some of the  most exotic and interesting tourist places. Prepare yourself for an incredible spiritual discovery that Tamil Nadu tourism has to offer which includes Mahabalipuram, Madurai and also wonderful places to visit in Pondicherry.

south india tour packages You may change some amount of currency in Indian Rupees before coming out of the Airport at the banks at the Airport which remain open 24×7 The best way to overcome Jet leg is to adjust yourself with the new destination; if you arrive during the day, do not rest, enjoy the day (pool or massage) or if you arrive at night, then try to catch some sleep immediately.

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Day 2 | Mahabalipuram

Rise with the golden sun over the Bay of Bengal and help yourself to a sumptuous buffet at breakfast. Proceed to discover the magnificent UNESCO world heritage site of Mahabalipuram, which was the beginning of Stone Temple Architecture by the Pallava Kings. Splendid bas reliefs, rock cut temples, monolithic temples and the first South Indian constructed stone temple defining the Dravidian Temple architecture. Take time to explore, learn and imbibe this rich heritage. If this is not your first visit to India, you will realise that the South is very different from the North and south india tours will mesmerise you!

Visiting places: Mahabalipuram UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Day 3 | Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry places to visit in pondicherry

A pleasant drive along the coast and a brackish water lake with salterns marks the road to Pondicherry, an erstwhile French colony and a must visit destination of South India Tourism. Pondicherry is a small coastal town with French colonial buildings in the White Town along the shore which also houses today the Ashram of Shri Aurobindo and the Mother, the French named streets and a beautiful park. The Black Town in contrast is bustling with life in its beautiful market. Pondicherry tourism would be incomplete if you missed any of these spots. These are some of the most charming places to visit in Pondicherry.

Visiting places: Orientation tour by Rickshaw before discovering more on foot.

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Day 4 | Pondicherry – Gangaicondacholapuram – Darasuram – Tanjore. south india tours

After breakfast leaving from Pondicherry for Tanjore, you may perceive mangroves along the banks of the river Chunamb-ar. Driving through sugarcane paddy fields arrive at Gangaicondacholapuram emerging from the earth. While crossing the Anikhet, you may perceive crocodiles lazing on the exposed river bed. Continue your visit to Aryavastravar in Darashuram, one of the most intricately carved Chola temples of the 12th century.

Visiting places: Gangaicondacholapuram and Aryavastravar. (UNESCO World Heritage Monument)

places to visit in pondicherry

Day 5 | Tanjore – Srirangam – Tanjore. temple tour india

Outskirts of Tanjore is populated with the academic intelligentsia. As you approach Srirangam, behold the astonishing view of the world’s tallest Gopuram, the Temple Gateway. And then be stunned by the immensity of the temple where you can see seventeen of the twenty one Gopurams at one go all around you when you mount a terrace. In the afternoon temple view the splendid bronzes of the Chola period and the majestic Tanjore temple with the setting sun. Don’t forget to be blessed by the temple elephant!

Visiting places: Srirangam, Tanjore Bronze gallery, UNESCO World Heritage Tanjore Temple

south india toursVisit Local Bronze manufacturing units in the village nearby

places to visit in Madurai

Day 6 | Tanjore – Chettinad

Leaving early for Chettinad visit a school during the morning assembly. Coming into the small sleepy region of the Chettinad, the palatial mansions, with a mix of European and traditional South Indian architecture, beautifully carved teakwood pillars and doorways, these still belong to the traditional merchant class, the Chettiyars. Discover the beauty of these mansions in detail on foot or on bicycle.

Visiting places: Visit of Chettinad Mansions and special Chettinad tile making

meenakshi temple

Day 7 | Chettinad – Madurai places to visit in Madurai

Depending on the season and the monsoon, you can see visits of birds amidst rice fields, with egrets, paddy herons, night herons, open bill stork, painted stork, cormorants and many others. When you arrive in Madurai, the Meenakshi temples is the most important of the places to visit in Madurai. Feel the vibrance of the devotional aspect of Hinduism at the iconic Meenakshi Temple. This would be your last temple visit of the tour

Visiting places in Madurai: Gandhi Museum, Meenakshi Temple

south india tourEvening ceremony in the temple is worth visiting. Cameras not allowed

tirupati temple

Day 8 | Madurai – Trichy

As you approach Srirangam, behold the astonishing view of the world’s tallest Gopuram, the Temple Gateway. And then be stunned by the immensity of the temple where you can see seventeen of the twenty one Gopurams at one go all around you when you mount a terrace. The Jambukeshwara Temple, is dedicated to Shiva in the water element.

Visiting places: Srirangam

tirupati temple

Day 9 | Trichy – Thiruvannamalai

An important piligrimage centre with the holy hill called Thiruvannamalai and at its base a beautiful Shiva Temple and the renowned Ramana Rishi Ashram

Visiting places: Thiruvannamalai Temple and Ramana Rishi Ashram

places to visit in Madurai

Day 10 | Thiruvannamalai – Kanchipuram  Places to visit in south india

En route, visit of Gingee fort and continue towards Kanchipuram, one of the seven holy cities of India situated on the banks of the dried up Pala River. This city was the capital of the Pallava Kings and has over a hundred temples

Visiting places: Kanchipuram Temples

Visiting places: Beautiful photo stops en route

Places to visit in south india

Day 11 | Kanchipuram – Tirupati

A place of religious calling where pilgrims offer their hair. Around two thousand barbers are engaged in shaving heads on a shift basis. Tirupati receives on an average one hundred thousand pilgrims a day

Visiting places: Tirumalai

meenakshi temple

Day 12 | Tirupati – Chennai (Madras) temple tour indiaPlaces to visit in south india

Just outside Tirupati, the last visit of this south India tour, the Kalahasthi Temple. Again with a lot of devotees, this time to worship Shiva, throng to the temple to pay their respects. Continue to Chennai and departure for your country.

Spiritual Reflection Experience in Chidambaram Temple, A South India Tour destination. Check out this video:

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