Conseils de voyage

As you already know, India is a fascinating country underlined with a lot of unwritten codes. We make a humble effort of marking out a few of them that are essential to your stay in India and will help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Traffic… driving… leave it to the Indians! There can be Cows, camels, tuk tuks running around on highways, even in the wrong direction. Do not attempt to drive in India unless you plan to live here. You would not even know when NOT to honk! Leave the driving to our drivers who are uniformed, soft spoken, follow traffic rules to the T and make your journey enjoyable and stress free.

Visits… Monuments have an entry fee. Some even have a camera and video fee.

Clothing… India is a conservative country. Kerala, Rajasthan and the large cities have got used to seeing foreign tourists. But white skinned Caucasians may still attract some attention in some interior tribal and remote areas. Unless you are next to a pool or at a nightclub or at a bar, very short skirted or bare feminine legs in public places like bazaars andcrowded railway stations can make Indians very embarrassed!

Restaurants… Food is very varied… and variety is the spice of life. However this spice can get red hot. If you want variety and also good palatable food, we can help you… we know the country and what your palate can withstand! We also discourage consumption of food from roadside vendors unless again you plan to live here.

Drinking water is best consumed from sealed bottes.

Religious Visits… some places require taking off of your shoes. Other places you need to cover your head. And yet some other places you need to uncover your head! Inform yourself before venturing in. All kinds of eatables (including chewing gum) and drinkables(including alcohol!) are prohibited in most religious institutions.

Taxes… most restaurant or hotel tariff lists do not sport the tax element on them. What you order and what you pay may not match. You need to ask for the tax structure that varies from state to state!

Weather… North Indian winters can be quite severe. Carry sufficient warm clothes for the night.

Charity… it begins at home. Not in the street. Do not encourage beggars on the street. It is a racket in most cases!

Medical… We are sure you will be carrying your share of Delhi Belly pills, paracetamols and mosquito repellants. However, if something goes wrong that cannot be taken care of by your collection of prescribed drugs, rest assured, Indian doctors are arguably some of the best in the world and you will be taken care of really well and for a fraction of the price that you would pay back home!

Trains… Not all trains are comfortable. Not all trains are fast. And there are almost as many classes in trains as there are gods in the Hindu pantheon. We suggest you consult well and book months in advance. Or get in touch with us.

Flights… It is an open deregulated sector. And prices jump around quite a bit. But it is quite a mature sector. Barring the foggy cold wintery nights of North India, flights run pretty efficiently.

Music… if you are not familiar with Indian Classical music, it can be a cause of great ennui for you. However Bollywood music nights can be quite energising and is recommended if you get a chance.

Photography… some places people do not mind. At others they do. Do not shoot if they mind. At other instances, they ask for money!

Festivals… They are intense and passionate celebrations in India; for example, Diwali, Holi, Weddings or a Cricket Match against Australia! Observe from a distance and enjoy. If you want to be part of it, you have to know locals. We can help you with that.