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Special Interests Tours

Some tours require a different perspective. They do not perfectly fit into the category of run of the mill tourism. They are specialised tours for specific passions for discerning people willing to exploit their areas of interests in India. Some of these activities that we specialise in are listed below. We have people employed in our teams that will take care of these interests and will talk to you directly. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to let us know your interests and we will design a tour around your specific area of interest taking care of the passions that you want to pursue.

A. Motorcycle Tours

B. Photography Tours

C. Horse Riding Tours

D. Cycling Tours

E. Culinary Tours

F. Festival Tours

G. University Students’ Tours (Fun and Culture)

H. Customised Day Tours.

I. IPL Cricket Tours.

J. Segway Tours; New Delhi.