These are only some of the feedback of Maavalan’s esteemed travellers who are not only seasoned and discerning travellers and found our services to be of very high standards with a soft human touch but also are willing to come back to India just for the pleasure of experiencing our services yet again!

Yuri Berg: We (a couple in their upper 60th) decided to see India – for the first time. After reviewing escorted tour offerings from US tour operators we could not find a tour or back to back tours that met most our requirements… During initial negotiations we found out that Maavalan Travels was the most flexible in all respects while their price was less than others. So we…

Pascal: After she returned from her North India Tour with her Husband, the exact words of Ms CUCCARO were these: “It was the best orchestrated tour we have done in our lives. Every time we arrived, the representative of Maavalan was present to welcome us, see everything was in order… at each and every city… we were very well taken care of. We are very happy with our tour.” Such words make us proud!

Forano: Forano and their friends came in a group of 6 people. “India has been a long time dream since our childhoods. And when the Maavalan Marketing Team visited us in Lyon, France, we were truly happy to discuss and finalise our tour to India with them. They were very helpful. And finally when we arrived in India, it was a dream come true. Everything was extremely well taken care of. At some places where possible we were even upgraded to really superior categories. We were very happy and highly recommend their professional services.”

Crichton Couple: The Crichton couple was beaming after they finished their India Tour. “We are fascinated by India and its people. And the way Maavalan showed us India was nothing short of exceptional. They have an excellent network, superb choice of hotels and world class service,” was what they said with happy smiling faces. They congratulated our Maavalan Team for the outstanding services that we offered.

Armelle:I was so glad to know when Maavalan Travels announced their programme to Ladakh and North India. I jumped on to the programme and was genuinely happy with my experience and have been wanting to go back to India ever since with Maavalan again. Highly recommended.

M et Mme MAIRESSE: We did an extremely satisfying Kumbh Mela trip with Maavalan Travels. They did an amazing job where there were 1million visitors every day. We are certainly coming back to India and we will travel with Maavalan Travels again to visit South India.

Clémentine’s Marriage group: We were happy with the arrangements made by Maavalan Travels. We communicated for a long time since the plans were not fixed. And Maavalan Travels managed to work things out, some even at the shortest notice!

Ley Serrano & Thomas Serrano:We organised an important tour for a very important client with Maavalan Travels. We certainly feel that these guys have the knowledge and the experience to understand the minute needs of high end clients.

M and Mme TROHA: We had booked and cancelled our trip with Maavalan Travels. But we booked again. And we are glad that we travelled in India. We were strongly recommended to them by our family who had already travelled with Maavalan. And we in turn recommend them highly because they understand the needs of the European traveler and we would be happy to go back to India to travel with them again.