21 Luxurious Things to do in India

Luxurious things to do india

21 Luxurious Things to do in India

India is a vast country with a huge population with different culture and tradition. India has a wide range of climates, geographical conditions, and everything. Whatever be your aim of travel , Must try out these luxurious things to do in India to get the best out of your trip.

Things to do in India which are enough to make your holidays incredible !

1) Hot Air Ballooning at the Pushkar Camel Fair

things to do in India             Things to do in India- Hot balloon ride

Pushkar is a beautiful city in Rajasthan. It is a royal ritual that goes on in Pushkar every November. Thousands of people take part in this festival as this is one of the amazing things to do in India. There are contests of camel beauty and races in the festival. The sky gets filled with the colourful air balloons and is a spectacular view to witness.

2) Meet with a Bollywood star

travel to india

Travel to India- Meeting with Bollywood star

Like Los Angeles is to Hollywood, Mumbai is the same to Bollywood. If you visit Mumbai while travelling to India, there is a huge chance that you meet with a Bollywood celebrity in person. In addition to this, there are a number of parties hosted by the film industry and big luxurious restaurants visited by the stars of Bollywood. If you visit these restaurants, there are chances that you might run into one of the stars.

3) Snake boat race in Kerala

things to in India

Snake boat race- Things to do in India

Kuttanad is a region in the state of Kerala where snake boat races are held every year as a part of the tradition. The festival has a canoe which is shaped like a snake. There are thousands of people who participate and compete with each other to win the race. Travelling to India will be incomplete if you missed the snake boat race.

4) Visit the Palace of Taj Nadesar

travel to india

Taj Nadesar Palace- Travel to India

Since the 19th century, Taj Nadesar Palace is a favourite place for most of the celebrities and royals. The guests have a delighted time in the luxurious palace at the time of a lunch that is done privately. The guests have a talk with the scholars of the Jnana Pravaha which a centre for studies of culture.

5) Dinner on the Ghats of Varanasi in private

Varanasi - Travelling in india

Varanasi – Travel to India

The Peshwa Haveli on the Ghats of Varanasi holds an amazing experience of dining called ‘Relive Banaras’. There is a temple nearby which is lighted up with divas and lights. The guests of this place dine royally in the middle of the flames and hymns of Brahmin. The dinner provided here is purely vegetarian due to conventional conditions. Once the guests are done with their vegetable dinner, they are given with coffee and tea. The guests are also entertained with a traditional performance of Indian dance.

6) The Sunset Yacht Trip at the Gateway of India

Travel to India

Gateway of India- Travel India

Gateway of India is one of the most famous and luxurious place built in the colonial times. The place is always crowded with a huge number of people. Gateway of India can be best watched privately on a sunset yacht trip when it is decorated with lights for the viewers in the evening time. This occasion feels complete by having a private delicious dinner.

7) Dining at Moti Dungri

travel to India

Dining at Jaipur Hotel – Travel to India

Moti Dungri is the one of the most beautiful forts in Jaipur and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The Moti Dungri Fort is very rarely available to the public. But within the exterior limits of this fort, there is a provision to attend for dinners. It is a luxurious ceremony listed in things to do in India, not everyone gets to experience this.

8) Staying in the Sajjan Niwas Suite

travel to India

Staying in the Sajjan Niwas Suite- Things to do in India

The Taj Lake Palace is one of the most luxurious palaces in India to stay. Located in the middle of Pichola Lake in Udaipur, it is a very beautiful place to spend time at. The palace was built by Maharana in the year 1884. Sajjan Niwas Suite’s terrace directly opens to the lake. It is one among royal palaces which will satisfy your thrill of  travel to India.

9) A romantic dinner in the dam of Chhatra Sagar

travel to india

Chhatra Sagar- Travel to India

There is a dam in Rajasthan which is man-made. Chhatra Sagar is like an oasis in the dry desert of Rajasthan. The property also hosts luxurious camps for the tourists. One of the best things to do in India is romantic dinners at the water side of the dam.

10) A stay in the resort of Amanbagh

travel to india

AmanBagh Resort – Travel to India

You can get a whole new level of peace and relaxation in the Amanbagh Resort of Rajasthan. The resort is built in the midst of palm and eucalyptus trees. The resort is filled with natural flora, a crystalline pool, a luxurious suite in pure haveli style. There is spa treatment provided and also, excursions on nature are hosted.

11) Screening of Bollywood Film in privacy

things to do in India

Things to do in India

You could rent a movie for screening in private. You can also expect a comfortable seat, food and snacks delivered to your seats, and intervals are also provided.

12) Polo Matches in private

things to in India

Things to do in India

If you are planning a trip to Jaipur or Delhi, experience the athleticism by planning polo in private. The visitors can also sign up for an elephant polo.

13) Boating at the Dal Lake

things to do in India

Things to do in India

The Dal Lake is popularly known as Paradise on Earth. It is a beautiful lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Take a ‘Sukoon Houseboat’ and wander in the lake is one of the relaxing things to do in India.

14) The Kanchenjunga Suite

Travel to india

Travel to India to watch Kanchenjunga Suite

There is a Kanchenjunga Suite located at the estate of Glenburn. The place offers breathtaking scenery you must witness.

15) The Wellness Resort

travel to india

Travel to India and take Kerala Ayurvedic Medicine

The Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort located in Kerala is famously known because it is healing and eco-friendly. Go and relax in the greenery of Kerala.

16) The travelling Camp in Nagaland

things to do in India

Nagaland camping – Things to do in India

India’s first luxury camp called ‘Kohima Camp in Nagaland’ brings the visitors close to the beauty of northeastern side of India. Also, facilities for trekking are available.

17) Taj Mahal in moonlight

travel to india

Travel to India and take the spectacular view of Taj Mahal

The spectacular view of Taj Mahal in the moonlight is something which makes the travelling to India incredible. On the full moon days, the Taj Mahal is open for viewers.

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18) Travel from Bangalore to Maldives

travel to india

Maldives – Travel to India

Bangalore is an amazing place to visit. Take a small trip to Mysore as it nearby. Before finishing off the trip, travel to Maldives.

19) Stay in the Banjaar Tola Camp

travel to India

Banjaar Tola camping – Things to do in India

People interested in the wildlife can have a week long stay in the Banjaar Tola Camp.

20) The Balsamand Lake Palace

travel to India

Bal Samand Lake – Travel to India

Bal Samand Lake Palace is an incredible palace located in Rajasthan. The sightseeing at this palace is breathtaking.

21) Stay in the hills of Kashmir

travel to india

Kashmir- Travel to India and witness the beauty of it

The hills of Kashmir receive snowfall and are an amazing place to spend time. Travel to India and witness all the beauty of it.

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Hopefully, you will able to gather lots of good memories from these Luxurious things of India 🙂

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