Trip To Kerala- Here is why people can’t stop talking about it

trip to kerala

Trip To Kerala- Here is why people can’t stop talking about it

Kerala, famously known as ‘God’s own country’ truly justifies the name given to it. The unique places in Kerala attract every visitor. A trip to Kerala means to experience the unique culture of Kerala, the serene beauty of the greenery, the fresh water bodies ensures that this state is the ultimate destination for visitors to relax and rejuvenate from their daily life routine. So, here are given some top listed places of Kerala which belong to a must-visit category.

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Main attractions of Kerala which make your Trip to Kerala unforgettable !

1) Sail around in the Backwaters sitting in a houseboat

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Your Trip to Kerala would really be incomplete without having experienced the lazy cruise in the backwaters. The fresh green palm periphery landscape, a wide variety of wildlife, numerous villages, and beautiful houses that surround the backwaters is sure to make your journey feel like out of the world experience. Cruising around lazily in the houseboats is very romantic for the couples as well.

2) Live the life of traditional villagers for some time

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The backwaters are surrounded by the small villages in Kerala which add up to the beauty of real scenery over at that place. Watching the life of those villagers along your ride is a beautiful experience you don’t want to miss. The best part is that you can even try out their lifestyle by joining them during meals and listen to their stories. People over at Kerala are so friendly and make sure that your time of Kerala holidays remains in your heart for a long time.

3) Get treated by Ayurveda



Ayurveda which is a medicinal part of yoga is a traditional healing system in India and is widely practiced in Kerala. Kerala has abundant Ayurvedic centres because of its amazing climate and availability of medicinal plants and herbs. Don’t forget to get a massage when you are on Kerala tours. Even the medical treatments are provided with natural medicines, so if you want a treatment for anything then this is one among the places to visit in Kerala.

4) Take cooking lessons

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During your Kerala holidays, make sure that you get a little knowledge about the Kerala cuisine as Kerala is also known for its mouth-watering seafood and tender coconut water. If you want to have some fun learning about their food style, then you will be glad to know that there are many options to do that too.  Try learning about the way they prepare the seafood because it is really different and fun to try out.

5) Kathakali and Theyyam performances

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This is one of the must-visit places to visit in Kerala. Kathakali is the Kerala’s traditional dance form. It is known for its unusual dance form. Yes, you won’t get to see such traditional dance and drama performances every day because the way the dancers dress up with the bloodshot red eyes, borderline on monstrous.

The dancing style and movement of the performers are so elusive and yet the performers tell you very meaningful stories of mythology. The performers go through a very intense practice and training which includes hours together training of exercises of eyes as eye movement is one of the greatest expressions in Kathakali. You could visit ‘Kerala kathakali Centre’ or ‘Cochin Cultural Centre’ to witness their beautiful dance traditions.

The Theyyam rituals are majorly carried out in the northern part of Kerala in Kannur. Kannur is famous for its mesmerizing beaches and secret possession of spirit and handloom weaving rituals. The season of Theyyam begins in the month of October and runs till May.

 6) The Martial Arts in Kerala

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There is a martial art that is ancient and is practiced in this state called Kalaripayattu. The methods practiced in this martial arts are preset form, weaponry, strikes, grappling, kicks, and healing. You could witness this martial arts in ‘Kadathanadan Kalari Centre’ located in Thekkady.

Thekkady is also famous for its spice village and wildlife must include in your trip to Kerala

7) Don’t miss out on the Snake boat race

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This is another one of the great places to visit in Kerala. Kerala has a colourful race of Snake boat each year in the monsoon season. There are about hundred rowers and the race takes place like a tradition and is very spectacular. Each year the villagers get together and celebrate this race.

Summing up the final words about God’s own country: Kerala

Kerala is the land of spice and commerce and relaxation and healing of Ayurveda and nature.There are few other things to try during your Kerala Tours are to go to the tea plantations and taste the tea, and also try out toddy which is their alcoholic drink.

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