India Travel Tips: Carry All This while travelling to India

India Travel Tips

India Travel Tips: Carry All This while travelling to India

India is one of the most visited countries by people from all over the world.  If you are planning to visit India, then this piece of writing is a must read for you. India is full of colours and vibrancy and you will actually fell in the beauty of this country. But first of all you need to know about the India travel tips for safe travellingAn India Travel guide will help you to make sure that your trip will be easy and hassle-free.

India Travel Advice: What to bring on your tour to India?

Let us look at India travel tips which will help you to make sure that your trip to India will be exciting and chaos free:

Passport Pouch

India Travel Advice

It’s such a small thing which is must to take along with you.  Taking a pouch along with you, will help you to keep credit cards, money, travelling cards and such small things at a single place. Making sure to keep a pouch with you will help you to keep all the things handy with you.


India Travel Guide

Visiting India without a camera will no less than a blunder.  India is a place where you will get some of the best clicks of your life.  Taking a DSLR camera along with you will be the best choice to get some of the amazing pictures.  Also, make sure to take different lenses along with your camera.

First Aid Kit

India Travel Tips

Emergencies can happen at any time and getting a scrape or cut is not a big thing, so  this  India travel advice tells you to keep the first aid kit with you all the time.  All the necessary bandages, ointments and other things should be there in the first aid kit.

Dust Masks

Travelling to India

People travelling from other countries may feel that the pollution level in India is quite high, especially in the big cities, therefore, don’t forget to carry dust masks along with you.  If you travel on foot or by any other means of travel where polluted air can easily enter in your nostrils, then using dust mask will prove very helpful to keep the harmful chemicals and bacteria at bay. You can also use a cloth to cover your face.

Toilet Paper

Tips while Travelling to India

It may sound funny to you but taking toilet paper along with you is also a necessity. By bringing new rolls with you will help you to escape embarrassing situations 😉

Take Clothes as per the weather

India Travel Advisory

While packing your bags for India, make sure that you carry clothes as per the weather in the country. As weather throughout India varies, thus it is very necessary to take warm clothes for winters and light clothes for winters.

So, these are the India Travel tips on what you should always carry with you while travelling in India. Wish you a happy and safe journey 🙂

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