FAQ before Travelling to India

travelling to india

FAQ before Travelling to India

Colourful, inspiration and fantastic as ever, India is one country that is filled with contrasting sounds, tastes, smell, and sights. One of the most diverse and cultural countries ever, this place will leave you in awe and shock the minute you reach your destination. It has remarkable places of visit, has vibrant cities and clubs. It has remarkable places of visit, has vibrant cities and clubs, breathtaking beaches and vast countryside for tourists. If you are travelling to India anytime soon, check out our India travelling tips below.


What is the traffic like in India?

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Traffic in India


The traffic in India is quite crazy. The hype that you have seen in movies is actually true. Even if you are a skilled driver, it is going be tough driving around because the roads are congested and full of crepes. More or less, it is like a roller coaster ride.


But you will find helpful people to give you directions. Also, leave an hour earlier so that you can reach your destination on time. Leave the driving to Maavalan drivers who are uniformed, soft-spoken, follow traffic rules and make your journey enjoyable and stress-free.


How should the dress code be like?

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Traditional dress code of India


When you are in India, you need to dress accordingly. Not all places are the same but if you are going to travel a lot, you must keep the culture in mind and wear clothes that appease the people.


There are clubs and pubs in India where you can dress in any way you want. It is a different culture after all and people here have different values. In case you are a foreigner, you must remember the rules and always respect them. Research a bit on the dress code too.


What is the culture like in India?

A lot of people believe that Indians speak either Hindi or Urdu or both. But that is not true. There are languages such as Tamil, Punjabi, Kashmiri as well. South Indians also look and dress a little differently that people in the North.


On top of that, not everyone looks the same. Not all Indians are tanned and dark skinned. A lot of them are fair and have lighter complexions as well. People here are different. No wonder it is called the land of diversity.

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How is the pollution in India?

The pollution in India is tolerable. You can carry a scarf with you in case you feel like. The pollution will not sneak into your skin if you travel to clean places. However, be careful if you visit a factory.


Is bringing your camera a good idea?

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India is Definitely a Place for Photography Lovers


India is a perfect destination for those who want to take non-stop photographs. There is so much you can see and capture in this wonderful location.


Whether it is the delicious food or the lovely landscapes, India is one place that will make you fall in love with the people. Plus you will have so many opportunities to take great photos and share stories of all the adventures that you have had all this while.


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How long does it take to travel all over India?

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There is No End of Tourist Places in India: Explore How Much You Can


It actually takes quite a long time. If you want to tour the country, you have to spend a month here at least if you want to see the best of the best places. In the east, you have Rajasthan that is filled with touristy spots and historical points of interest.


Towards the northeast, you have stunning hill stations and valleys where you can relax and take some time off to experience the peace and tranquillity India has to offer. Down south, you get to see majestic temples and delicious South Indian food that will blow your mind. Even Punjab is a grand state up in the north with wonderful places of visit.


How much does it cost to travel to India?

Travelling to India is not as expensive as travelling in Europe or Australia is. But it certainly does depend on the places you are going to and how long you are going to be there.


Just keep in mind that if you want the best of the best, then you’ll have to shell out a bit to travel. You can also speak to our experts to know more about daily expenditures in India.


Final Words on Travelling to India

Travelling to India will leave an indelible print in your heart. From the food to the people and the architecture, Indians are the best and the most sociable people you will ever meet.


Our India travel guide will be there to help you in case you are lost or are in search for some tips. Also if you want to get in touch with us for some more details, drop a mail at info@maavalanindiatravels.com or click on the button below.


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